Travel adventures for 2020

We’re nearly at the end of 2019, so I’m busy looking forward to several travel experiences in 2020. I’m not wishing the time away, just noting what’s already planned and ensuring there are highlights throughout the year.

I’m an avid traveller and, running my own business, can take the time to holiday when it suits me. I know I’m very lucky in that regard and take advantage of the flexibility to get some sun when I can.

In January… 

January sees the start of six monthly trips to Barcelona for work. Barcelona is one of my favourite European destinations, so I always try to enjoy my non-work time. Going for long walks, exploring new places to eat and getting some time by the sea front. Sure, it won’t be warm enough to actually lie out on the beach, but it’s fantastic to be on the coast all the same. 

In February… 

In February, I make the first of six monthly visits to Dublin for work. A great opportunity to catch up with old friends and enjoy Dublin’s slightly gentler pace of doing business.

In March…

March looks like it’s going to be a very busy travel month indeed!

As well as a planned trip to Dublin for work, I’m taking the Eurostar to Paris to see Ireland play France in the rugby. I’m meeting up with two old University friends, so no doubt there’ll be plenty of laughs and pints along the way.

I’m no sooner back from the subsequent business trip to Barcelona, when I’ll be flying to Tokyo once again. We’ve been visiting Japan every year (usually more than once a year!) for quite some time now, but this will be my first time flying with JAL in First Class. @TheFrankFlyer experienced it earlier this year and was quite effusive in his praise. So it’s definitely going to be a highlight of the trip.

Tokyo is most definitely my favourite city on earth. And despite having visited it more than a dozen times, I discover something new each time. I’m far from jaded with the place and can see myself making many return visits in the coming years.

We’ve been going for so long that we actually have local friends there now. So meeting up with them to party in Shinjuku Ni-Chome is one of the highlights. As is lolling about naked in the heat of one of the excellent Onsen around town. Though the food is probably the thing I look forward to the most.

Expect lots of Tokyo photos and gushing blog posts in about three months from now…

In June…

It looks like June is going to be a bit of a party month. London Pride has been brought forward from July for this year, and we’re making our annual pilgrimage to Sitges Pride as well. Due to my frequent Barcelona trips for work over the last few years, nearby Sitges has become quite the favoured place for weekends on the beach.

It’s the combination of the naturist sunbathing on Balmins beach, excellent food and drink in town and a very fun party atmosphere that keep us coming back. You’re pretty much guaranteed excellent weather and our favourite hotel always looks after us very well.

Expect some photos, but pretty heavily edited due to the clothing-optional beach situation!

In July…

I’m making a return to Sitges a month later! It’s my mum’s 70th birthday and I offered to take her on a holiday as a gift. Surprising me, she chose Sitges! So I’ll be heading back for another week of beach, sunshine and cocktails mid-July.

I’m not complaining. I’m a sucker for sunshine and simply can’t get enough time sun-bathing. Contrary to its party reputation, I find Sitges to be one of the most chilled out and relaxing places I’ve visited in Spain.

What else?

So that’s what’s been booked so far. We also have to arrange a visit to the in-laws in Mallorca (probably in May?) and I’ve promised to go to Dublin with a friend here in London at some point. I had great plans earlier this year to arrange my first ever visit to South America mid-2020. I’ve always wanted to visit Buenos Aires, but it looks like I’ve run out of time.

I can’t be on holiday the entire summer. It’ll have to wait until 2021.


4 comments on “Travel adventures for 2020

  1. ethnicolor

    We’ve got a 2-year plan that started in January which effectively reduces our travel plans down to a minimum. Still, we’re just back from the UK, we’ll have 2 trips to Meloneras and there’s a Scotland in there as well. I also took up a new role this week which could well mean a lot of work travel for 2020 and 2021.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congrats on the new role! (I’m working through all your comments in the wrong order, I think!). Best of luck with this new start.


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