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It probably goes without saying that I had an absolute blast in Sitges last week. I always do. And this time, with the added bonus of no mobile phone theft!

We flew to Barcelona, via Madrid, with Iberia – which was pretty grim. It’s not often I’m actually scared of the cabin crew, but the flight was a case where I absolutely paid attention to the safety demonstrations.

We took a taxi from Barcelona airport out to Sitges and were checked in and exploring our room’s view within about an hour of landing. As ever, the Melia Sitges was a treat! Friendly staff, lovely rooms, great location and the best breakfast selection in all of Spain (in my humble opinion).


We wandered into town after unpacking and while the weather wasn’t superb, we enjoyed being back in town and visiting our usual haunts. Not to worry – there was plenty of sunshine to come!


Saturday morning saw us enjoy an amazing breakfast and then go for a walk along the promenade. It definitely wasn’t sunbathing weather, but it was nice to stretch our legs and get some sea air. Platja dels Balmins was absolutely deserted!

The weather improved dramatically by the time we headed back to the hotel, so I enjoyed a couple of hours sunbathing on our rooftop and very secluded balcony. The balconies are always big at the Melia yet only come with a couple of seats. You could easily fit several more, but maybe they don’t want to encourage too much entertaining!

Oh well! I whiled away a couple of very lovely hours, listening to podcasts and admiring the view. Frank took a nap and I was left alone with my imagination and the sun. Just perfect. I took advantage of the privacy to engage in some au naturel sunbathing – with no neighbours above us, it was perfect.

That wasn’t the end of the sunshine though! I spent the majority of Sunday and Monday lying on the beach at Balmins and even enjoyed a dip in the sea. It was quite windy at times, so the waves were impressive – and more than enough to send my small self flying around when they hit me.

I had several utterly delicious naps in the sun (timer set on my Apple Watch, just in case I ended up getting completely cooked) and enjoyed noticing just how quickly my tan deepened each evening. It seemed to just ‘switch on’ at about 7pm and I’d turn several shades darker than the morning.

When I wasn’t lying down in the sun, I was walking up and down on the beach, in search of that elusive even tan. I really like walking while listening to an audiobook, and walked several kilometres each morning and afternoon – up and down, enjoying the sights and some of the sounds of Balmins beach.


I think it’s fair to say that Sitges was my last time to enjoy some beach-based, fairweather naturism for 2019. No more trips to the sun are planned, and my neighbours don’t tend to appreciate naked sunbathing in our shared gardens! But I’m not complaining – it was great while it lasted and I finally managed to remove the annoying tan-lines I’d picked up from earlier in the year.


Evenings were spent bar-hopping and people-watching. It’s long after Pride, to the town was quieter and full of a more ‘mature’ crowd. But it was still fun and there was plenty to see from our favourite perches at Parrots Bar and La Villa.

Tuesday morning, we packed up and hopped in a taxi. I dropped Frank off at Barcelona Airport and then continued into Barcelona where I was scheduled to work for a couple of days. So luckily, while Fran returned to torrential rain in London, I managed to wean myself off the excellent weather over another 48 hours.

All in all, it was exactly the kind of relaxed, sun-drenched naked break in Spain that I needed. It absolutely lived up to all expectations and I’ll hold onto my memories of my time look out at the sea for some time to come. And of course, there’ll be return visits next year, so there’s always that to look forward to.



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