Last trip to the sun (for a while…)

This Friday, @TheFrankFlyer and I will head to Barcelona (via Madrid) and then on to Sitges for a long weekend of sunshine and relaxation.

I think it’s highly likely this will be our last trip featuring either beaches or sunshine in 2019, so I’m determined to soak up just as much as I can. I plan to spend most of my time on the beach, listening to some audiobooks I’ve been saving up for a holiday.

It’s also probably going to be my last trip to Barcelona for a while, as I’m going to finish up my one and only client project there next week. On several of my previous visits, I’ve tagged on a few weekends in Sitges as a treat. I figured that as long as the flights were going to be booked anyway, I might as well add a few days of relaxation on the beach!


I know we’re incredibly lucky to be able to travel so frequently. Even when I’m fed up or exhausted from business travel, I remember that I’m hardly breaking up rocks by the side of the road and I try to be grateful for the experience.

So Sitges once again. Scrolling back through the travel posts on this blog, I can see just how much time I’ve spent there in the last few years – I’m in danger of turning into a jaded stereotype, but I just don’t care. It’s a wonderful town and I associate it with complete relaxation. I’ve even managed to almost totally expunge the terrible memories of having my iPhone stolen last time I was there.

It’s also most probably my last visit to a naturist beach for quite a while. The UK’s winter weather doesn’t really support this kind of relaxation and I’m most definitely a fair-weather naturist! So I’ll make sure I appreciate my time there.

I love walking up and down Platja dels Balmins and much prefer it to remaining static on a lounger all day. Walking barefoot, taking in the sights and sounds of the beach, is incredibly relaxing. Smelling the food cooking in the bar, hearing the sounds of the waves hitting the shore, looking up at the enormous blue sky and distance horizon. It’s what I thrive on. It’s especially nice early in the morning, before the beach gets too crowded. The perfect recovery from any over-indulgence in Sitges’ many excellent gay bars the previous night.

So look away if you don’t want to see more of the same on this blog once I’m home again. Just looking at these photos from our previous visits brings a smile to my face!

5 comments on “Last trip to the sun (for a while…)

  1. LOVE the sexy leg pics😍lol
    Have a nice trip!

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  2. Gosh, everyone’s in Spain these days! Hubby’s currently cycling around Castile & Leon at the moment, getting some much-needed and well-deserved R&R. Enjoy Sitges!


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