Wrapping it up in Tokyo…

Today was the last day of our trip to Japan, after almost two weeks spread across Osaka and Tokyo.

We took it really easy today. After a nice breakfast at the hotel, it was out into Shinjuku for a final bit of shopping, including some final gifts for friends and family.

We’ve had a really great time here and, while I’ll definitely miss Japan once we’ve left, I’m also looking forward to getting home to my own bed. I didn’t get to do everything I had on my short to-do list, but this was mostly because I prioritised rest and sleep over action and experiences. And I’m glad this was the case. I’ll return to London feeling somewhat more refreshed than when I left it.

Tomorrow, we fly direct from Tokyo Narita to Heathrow, going First Class with British Airways. Our flight out in Business Class was pretty ropey to be honest, making me so very glad we’re using our Avios miles to pay for these flights.

(BA have a cheek charging what we do for First Class, when you can get a better experience in Business Class with the competition – Qatar Airways, for example.)

All things going to plan, we’ll be home in our apartment about 7pm Tuesday – magically regaining the eight hours we lost due to time-zones. Jet lag always hits me harder on the return from Asia, so I’m glad I’m not back at work until lunchtime Wednesday, in case a lie on is needed.

Despite my earlier protestations, I did eventually give in to my stationery lust and picked up a few items in Muji: some pens and a lovely notebook. I definitely didn’t go overboard and repeat my first ever visit to Loft all those years ago, when I went crazy in the stationery department!

I also picked up a few essentials in Uniqlo. Despite the appalling exchange rate right now (thanks Brexit chaos and uncertainty!) there were still some bargains to be had and I’ll never say no to a pair of trousers that fit me with the need for alterations in length!

Thankfully, everything we’ve bought fits in the suitcases and there was no need to pop out to Muji to buy an emergency extra bag for ‘overspill’. How mature of us!

Now it’s time to chill out int he hotel lounge for a couple of hours and enjoy the sunset. The views from up here are just lovely. After sunset, we’ll head out for a final drink or two in Ni-Chome’s finest gay venues. But an early night is required – a full day of travel tomorrow!