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Home away from home

I’m one week into my business trip to Dublin and I still won’t be home until Sunday. This is the longest time I’ve spent away from home on business for a few years and I’m beginning to miss home.

Sure, I’m staying in a wonderful hotel with the best, most friendliest staff I’ve ever encountered. I’ve had the chance to catch up with old University friends and I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve been doing while I’m here. And, of course, @TheFrankFlyer came to join me in Dublin for the weekend, which was fantastic.

But now I’m faced with a long few days, including a conference with  breathtakingly demanding schedule, and I just want to be at home.

So time to focus on positives! For a start, @TheFrankFlyer and I had an amazing weekend together. We spent Saturday out in Dun Laoghaire and Sandycove, enjoying the sunshine and sea air. And the memories of my childhood!

The torrential rain that started on Sunday has stopped and the forecast for the next few days is looking good. It’s also Dublin Pride right now, and I’ll be here for the parade and celebrations on Saturday.

(Seriously, the whole city seems to be draped in rainbow flags. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it makes a nice change from the Dublin I grew up in!)

Attending the Pride fun and games will require me to bunk off the conference social schedule on Saturday. I’m feeling next to no guilt about that, seeing as I’ve been scheduled to run a workshop at the ungodly hour of 0900 on a Sunday morning.

I’m also catching up with come contacts here in Dublin that I’ve not seen in a while and I’m looking forward to spending time with psychology colleagues – once they arrive here! And, among all the other benefits, the Guinness has been fantastic!


Still…the thought of slipping into my own bed on Sunday night is something I’m definitely looking forward to. Being ‘on the road’ for work for almost two weeks, regardless of the venue, is not something I’ll look to repeat in the near future. I’ve obviously turned into a home bird these last few years.

And I’m fine with that.

2 comments on “Home away from home

  1. ethnicolor

    Enjoy! It must be a funny feeling to be a visitor to a place you used to call home. I’m doing a little work travelling myself at the moment. I’ve definitely turned into a homebody in the past few years… I really resent even a couple of days away from home! Enjoy Pride!


    • Thanks! I’m almost getting used to it. And the fact that I always stay in the same hotel means it feels a little like home. Hope your work travels go smoothly!


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