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Too darn hot

It’s not often that I complain about being too warm (last summer’s heatwave in London being an understandable exception), but my hotel room here in Dublin has me up the walls!

I lay on top of my bed last night, over the covers, with the window open and still couldn’t get cool enough to sleep until well after midnight. This morning found me curled around one of the pillows, still above the sheets, still feeling warm.

It’s not even particularly warm over here, so I’ve no idea why I’ve been radiating heat like this. Hope it’s not a bug.

For the rest, the trip to Dublin has so far been good on the work front and enjoyable on the social front. @TheFrankFlyer joins me here tomorrow afternoon and stays for the weekend. After which, I’m here until the Sunday for a mix of work and a conference.

Plus Dublin Pride! Honestly, it’s a coincidence I’ve scheduled a work trip over the same weekend. I can’t wait for that and will definitely be sneaking out of the conference to have some Pride-related fun. And pints. Obviously.

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to meet a client over some pints downstairs.

Here’s hoping for cooler sleeping tonight!

1 comment on “Too darn hot

  1. Kinda jealous tbh 😛 It’s been hovering between 11-15 degrees with cool rain back in London. I have now got the washing in so many times I can execute the manoeuvre with military precision 😅


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