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Back to the coalface…

We flew back from Mallorca yesterday, leaving behind the sunshine and warm temperatures that made the visit so fantastic.

The flight home was lovely: business class with British Airways, so it came with a surprisingly nice meal and some champagne to ease the pain of leaving the sun.


I watched the latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ and then flicked through the various photos I’d taken and created my habitual album over on Google Photos. All in all, it was a very relaxing couple of hours.

Yesterday evening was all about unpacking and addressing the piles of laundry that come with holidays. Yes, despite sharing details of my daily naked sunbathing, I still managed to wear clothes each evening and came home with things needing washing. A very early night and a long sleep – apart from being woken by foxes doing what foxes do in the garden at 3am.

I woke up this morning to wind, rain and a definite chill in the air, so I ended up spending my DLR journey into the office reviewing my trip’s photos to keep the memories fresh – and avoid looking out the window at the depressing grey skies.

None of this really detracts from the excellent break in Spain. It’s just a little bit of a shock to the system to walk out into chilly weather and rain after less than a week of sunshine. It’s surprising how quickly you can adapt. Now it’s all about catching up at work and getting back into some form of routine that doesn’t involve buffets and lying about in the sun.

More’s the pity.

For a start, I need to hit the gym. My exercise regime has gone to pot and I only managed a single run while in Spain. I’m recording another (work) podcast episode this evening and, after some household chores, I’ll be heading downstairs to our apartment building’s gym to attempt to reverse the decline in fitness.

And increase in weight!

While I don’t believe in the concept of ‘beach ready body’, I’m going to be on the beach in Sitges in less than an a month and I’d like to be actually able to close the button on my shorts to get there from the hotel.

Before I take them off again.

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