I’m going to miss this…

Day five of our visit to Mallorca and I know I’m going to miss this sunshine when I get back to London.

The automatic reminder from Kayak to check in for tomorrow’s flight reminded me just how quickly time can fly when you’re enjoying yourself.

And I have definitely been enjoying myself. This break has gone in a flash!

Five days of sunshine, sunbathing, walking and relaxing, all while enjoying delicious food and the occasional beer. It’s been a delight.

The room upgrade was slightly stressful but well worth it. With views like this to enjoy while lying in the sun, I’m never going to complain!

But all good things come to an end. So today it’s all about soaking up as much sunshine as possible and taking advantage of this almost-silent hotel deck, to lie around desnudo without being judged, while also tanning to a nice shade.

Lessons learned from previous travels, I’ve got factor 50 on my shiny dome. A burnt scalp is possibly the most painful sunburn there is.

Our hotel room fridge is well stocked with water and beer, meaning we don’t have to leave this quiet retreat until it’s time for dinner.

Yes, the buffet breakfast really is that great. I skip lunch as a result and enjoy dinner all the more.

One final dinner with the in-laws tonight and then it’ll be packing bags and getting ready to leave. It’s just two hours from London, but I feel like I’ve left normal life behind on the other side of the planet.

I’ve really managed to switch off and it shows. I’ve slept like a baby since we arrived and feel like my body has completely relaxed.

Sorry the photos from this trip are a bit monotonous. I’ve not taken many as we’ve spent most of our time on the deck. And there’s only to many pics of my feet or ass the average blog visitor can cope with!

Normal geeky service will resume once I’m back in chilly London, I’ve no doubt.

2 comments on “I’m going to miss this…

  1. Hopefully, the sunshine you absorbed will last you until your next “get-away!” Great photos. Naked hugs!

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