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Sun’s out, buns out!

I spent the whole of yesterday luxuriating in the Mallorcan sunshine. And it was glorious.

After various hotel shenanigans involving noise and (other) people smoking pot, the horrified hotel management moved us to the single best hotel room I’ve ever had in Europe.

It was comprised of a large bedroom with open plan bathroom and jacuzzi, with stairs to a private roof terrace complete with hot tub. I felt like we’d hit the jackpot!

The roof was so secluded i was able to enjoy some pants-free sunbathing and start to remove the pesky tan lines I’d picked up in Bangkok.

I was on the terrace from just after 10am until we had to shower and dress for dinner with @TheFrankFlyer’s parents who live nearby. Nothing but the sun and the sound of the waves below. This is an adults only hotel, so no kids screaming by the pool either!

The glass screen on the terrace provided uninterrupted views of the bay below and the only work involved was to occasionally pop back downstairs to the fridge for a fresh cold beer.

My kind of break.

I felt so incredibly relaxed last night and enjoyed the post-sunbathing feeling of tingling skin and sleeping eyes.

Last night ended with a late night beer in the hot tub before turning in and dreaming of beaches! In fact I had the best night’s sleep in ages last night and I look forward to repeating the whole experience today and tomorrow

Returning to London on Tuesday will feel like a wrench – especially putting on shoes and long trousers! But I gather both will be required, as the weather back in London is appalling right now.

So I’ll take advantage of this mini-naturist break while I can.

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