Brewdog on board!

I flew to Palma de Mallorca with British Airways this morning and, as soon as I sat down, I spotted that their birthday promotion with Brewdog has started.

To celebrate 100 years of British Airways, they’ve partnered with Brewdog to launch an anniversary beer and I…I had one with my breakfast!

I’m not a beer for breakfast kind of guy, but to be fair it was my second breakfast and I’d been up since 5am! I’d already tucked in at the British Airways First Class lounge at Gatwick Airport, including a couple of mimosas!

So I was all “warmed up” for a beer with my on board breakfast. Which was also quite nice!

I’m very glad I asked for a beer – it was delicious! The best IPA I’ve tasted in some time. Perfect for flying, even at 0900!

I don’t think I’ll be having beer for breakfast on a regular basis, but this “holiday beer” was a special occasion. Right?

Happy Birthday, British Airways!

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