Packing and packing and packing…

Last month, @TheFrankFlyer and I went to Asia for an Easter break, visiting Bangkok and Singapore. While it was fabulous, the journey there and back was a little…complex.

In order to get a combination of maximum reward points, but also keep prices down to a minimum, we had to “start” our booking in Milan. As the flight was going out the day after I was working in Dublin, my flight schedule actually looked like this:

  • Dublin to Milan (Aer Lingus)
  • Spent the night in the Milan airport hotel
  • Milan to Doha (Qatar Airways)
  • Chill out in Doha Airport
  • Doha to Bangkok (Qatar Airways)
  • Fall in love with Bangkok for the first time
  • Bangkok to Singapore (Singapore Airlines)
  • Catch up with friends (and food)
  • Singapore to Bangkok (Singapore Airlines)
  • Kill a few hours in the airline lounge
  • Bangkok to Doha (Qatar Airways)
  • Sprint to our next flight across the entire length of the airport
  • Doha to Milan, mostly sleeping (Qatar Airways)
  • Milan to London (British Airways)

To say I needed my Kayak app to keep on top of this holiday’s details is an understatement! And yes, while it was very enjoyable, I also got a lot better at packing. And un-packing. And re-packing. Because on the return journey, we went carry-on baggage only, which required quite a bit of jiggery-pokery on the luggage front.


The highs

  • Getting to visit Bangkok for the first time. I definitely fell in love – especially with the people, whose friendliness is legendary – and want to go back for a much longer trip to explore Thailand.
  • Taking a river cruise in Bangkok and enjoying the much-needed sunshine as I took in the sights.
  • Flying with Qatar Airlines again, whose Business Class offering beats British Airways’ Frist Class hands down.
  • Enjoying ‘Q-Suite’ on Qatar Airlines, which meant our two Business Class seats folded down to make the most incredible double-bed ever.
  • Walking across Singapore (well from Orchard Road to the Gardens by the Bay) and enjoying the sights along the way. Finishing with a magnificent craft beer and burger upon arrival!
  • Staying in the Bangkok Hilton, in a room whose shower could accommodate at least six people!


The lows

  • I don’t think sprinting across Doha airport with our wheelie luggage was my finest moment, and we ended up on the plane a hot, sweaty mess. Which is some achievement, given just how cold the AC keeps Doha airport. All because our flight schedule was changed by the airline, long after we booked. One and a half hours is definitely not enough time to transit in Doha!
  • Singapore Airlines failed to live up to its excellent reputation and we spent both flights cramped in dirty planes where the air-conditioning wasn’t working. Thankfully the flying time between Bangkok and Singapore is a very manageable two hours. Still, it was very disappointing.

And now that we’ve been home a week, it’s time to repack and head to Mallorca for a long weekend to see Frank’s parents. More sun, but a lot fewer flights and packing involved!

I’ll be writing about the adventure in a lot more detail over at My Little Travel Blog (which has been much neglected lately).

4 comments on “Packing and packing and packing…

  1. Good for you for enjoying the brief get-away. If this is something you really like, then the “packing-practice” is indeed a wonderful benefit! Naked hugs!

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  2. Perhaps a dumb question but I assume you either self-launder or send d out with a concierge to save packing space? My sister always uses on-site (I’ve done but makes me nervous, lingering to be sure nobody jacks my shit); therefore I typically sink-wash and drop dry overnight in a room.

    I believe you’re far too cosmopolitan for that but I’m curious!

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    • Neither! For going to Asia in the summer, it’s just about bringing enough t-shirts and shorts, which don’t take up much baggage space. Plus the bags we brought are designed to be the absolute maximum size for cabin baggage with British Airways. In fact we ended up bringing too much clothing! So it’s doable 👍🏻✈️


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