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Planes, trains and noisy neighbours

I arrived back from Japan yesterday evening, after spending the guts of an entire day in transit. I’ll be sharing all the details over on my travel blog, suffice to say it was an excellent holiday.

The return journey took its toll – flying from Tokyo to Seoul, Seoul to Helsinki and Helsinki to London – and I was pretty much a broken man by the time 8pm rolled around. After getting on excited update on what it’s like to travel First Class with JAL from @TheFrankFlyer (we traveled separately – seriously, go read our travel blog!) I got into bed and fell asleep almost immediately, leaving the lights and everything else still on. Frank was still up, pottering about and found me unconscious when he eventually came to bed.

Nine hours later, I was woken by my alarm and feeling a lot better. Honestly – getting nine straight hours of uninterrupted sleep is like re-booting your brain. I just wish I could get it every night.

Naively, I assumed I’d avoided the worst of the jet lag (I got over the time difference almost immediately on arriving in Tokyo), but I was soon reminded of that nine hour difference when midday rolled around and I almost fell asleep at my desk. Coffee required.

Shortly after, I had to make my way over to Euston station, to catch a train to Warrington – where I’m sitting right now. Yes, someone (me) scheduled a business trip for the day after flying back from Japan (and Korea…and Finland). Not my finest bit of scheduling, that. I could have done with a day working from home first, but needs must.

As Warrington was the first stop, and Glasgow the last, on the scheduled train. I spent most of my time trying to stay awake. The fear of snoozing and then waking up, confused and terribly far from my destination, kept me going.

As did a rumbling dislike for the people I had to sit next to. Two middle-aged Scots civil servants, who made a big show of working while on the train, but spent almost the entire journey gossiping and moaning about colleagues. I’d never been so grateful that I had packed my Bose noise-cancelling earphones – whose investment has been repaid many, many times over – and my iPad. After doing what little work I could, I fired up Netflix and watched another couple of episodes of The Punisher.

I’m not saying that watching the on-screen violence was cathartic, but I felt a lot better about life once I stepped off the train into the cold and wet of Warrington. Maybe it was the coffee and Pepsi Max, though…

I’m now in a decidedly average hotel for the evening, planning an early room service meal (from a very basic and limited menu) and then an early night. Maybe some more Punisher in bed if I can stay awake. But with a big client-facing day in the calendar tomorrow, I’ll need all the sleep I can get. And I’ve done all the do-able tasks from my task list for today.

Time to unwind and switch to ‘relax’ mode.

@TheFrankFlyer actually managed to cadge an extra set of fabulous JAL First Class pyjamas from his journey yesterday, all for little old me. Just the thing for keeping comfy and warm, while thinking of Japan and enjoying holiday memories.

(Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash)

3 comments on “Planes, trains and noisy neighbours

  1. Sounds exhausting even reading it! Jet lag is a killer


  2. Welcome back! Naked hugs!

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