Assorted Tokyo highlights

While I haven’t blogged since arriving in Tokyo earlier this week, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been enjoying ourselves.

In fact, I’d be concerned if too much precious time in Tokyo was spent writing here!

While Frank is down at the hotel gym, I’m enjoying a coffee in our room and scanning the view from the 29th floor. After some rain and sleet last night, we’re back to blue skies and sunshine and looking forward to a day spent outside.

So what have we been up to so far? A few highlights of the week include:

A trip down the river by boat from Asakusa and Odaiba

A super catch-up with our local friend Yasuo over delicious ramen

I went and bought a new iPad Pro at the Apple Store in Harajuku

Just a very brief insight to our week so far, not including our nights out in Shinjuku Ni-Chome and our favourite haunt, the Eagle Bar. I’m sure I’ll do a proper review of the trip, including our meals and this wonderful hotel, but for now, it’s all about enjoying the time we have here.

Today will include a trip to the north side of Tokyo, to visit Akihabara (Electric town) and Ueno Park. I’ll also hopefully be visiting an onsen and spending time soaking in the hot baths and sweating in the sauna.

So far, I’ve only used the sauna and bath here in the Hilton and, while it’s perfectly nice, it’s kind of small and not that luxurious. I need to up my onsen game and get to one of the bigger facilities to soak in style.

But before any of that, it’s time to put some clothes on and head down for breakfast.

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