Sitges bound

Keeping travel costs low is basically all about planning ahead. So we’ve been looking at our return to Sitges for Pride in 2019 and, as soon as some flight deals came up, we pounced!

We had such a fun time in Sitges at Pride this year that we were determined to go back, but also to keep the costs down as much as possible. And with the travel magic that only @TheFrankFlyer can wield, we managed to get some business class flights to Barcelona, via Madrid, that give us three and a half days in the sun.

The bonus?

They’re only marginally more expensive than economy direct to Barcelona and actually get us more time in Sitges. So we’ll be once again requesting that glorious Monday late check-out to enjoy the last few hours on the beach before flying back to London at 4pm.

I really hope it’s as good as this year – the parade was amazing and the weather was fantastic. And of course, I got to wear my now-traditional Pride dungaree shorts!

The whole weekend is impressive for such a small town, but that’s also what makes it easy to navigate and enjoy the bar-hopping. Everything is just a few steps away! So I’ll get to enjoy partying by night and recovery on my favourite beach the next day, along with some swimming in the sea and walks along the shore. All of it just two hours flight from here.

Roll on June!

2 comments on “Sitges bound

  1. ethnicolor

    I’ve been to Barcelona so many times, but never made it down to Sitges. It has to go on the list!


    • I can recommend it. When it’s not Pride, it’s an incredibly chilled out and relaxing place. Our record has been 18min in a taxi from Barcelona Airport to the front door of our hotel. It feels very, very close and easy to get to.


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