Suffering beach withdrawal?

I had another beach dream last night, indicating to me (a psychologist) that I need a beach holiday ASAP. Because that’s how science works and I have single-handedly unraveled the mystery of dream interpretation.


Seriously, though – it was vivid. And super enjoyable.

As usual, I was on a beach I thought I recognised, but it was actually an amalgam of the beaches on the waterfront in Barcelona and the Platja dels Balmins in Sitges – probably the beach where I’ve been the most in the last five years.


I was slightly confused, as I was trying to find some friends and while it looked a little like Balmins (lots of naked people frolicking in the sun), it was also much, much longer and disappeared into the horizon. I was holding several large drinks and, for some reason, a ginormous purse full to the brim with coins.

So I was trying to navigate the naked crowds, while holding drinks and not drop the purse. Oh, and the sand was ferociously hot on my feet!

Despite all of this, I remember feeling like I was having fun and actually being grateful in the moment that I was in the sunshine. I could feel a lovely breeze on my face and live music playing in the distance.

But then I remembered that just yesterday I nearly developed frostbite walking down Old Street in London and started to wonder how I got to Barcelona/Sitges so quickly. I was also speaking fluent Catalan to random people on the beach as I asked for directions and I began to wonder when I magically picked up this talent.

Apparently, reality is the last thing to consider when having a pleasant dream, and I seem to have woken up before anything else occurred.

Seriously though – it was the most enjoyable dream I’ve had for a while and left me feeling a little bittersweet as I made my coffee this morning. It was great to experience some pleasant memories from a time in the sun, but it also reminded me how many months of cold and grey skies I’ve got to put up with until the next time my hobbit feet touch warm sand. Or paddle in the sea.

(Or feature in a multitude of photos. 😮 Reviewing Google photos last night, I was struck by just how many pics I’ve taken of my feet while lying on a lounger on the beach! The angle makes my legs look shorter than they are and my feet even bigger!)

As for the ability to speak Catalan fluently and with confidence, that might take a little longer. I’ve got to work on my Japanese first!

1 comment on “Suffering beach withdrawal?

  1. To dream of the magnificence of nakations (naked + vacation = nakation)! I can definitely relate to that, my blogging friend. I understand your urge for beaches, sunshine and bare bodies! Naked hugs!

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