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Leaping into another week!

I made it home from Scotland last night, just in time to catch the final episode of ‘Bodyguard’, the BBC drama that seems to have gripped the nation. Or, at least, the people I follow on Twitter.

It was nerve-wracking, in a good way, but once it ended I was far too tired to unpack and repack for this morning’s early flight to Dublin. So, today me was silently cursing last night me for delegating this task, and @TheFrankFLyer had to wake me with a coffee at 5am so I could get ready.

I made it out to City Airport with loads of time to spare, and got through security just before it seems to have completely seized up. Judging by the apologies coming over the public address system, anyway.

Typically, my flight was delayed, so I set about opening ToDoist and cracking through my task list for the day. I got an amazing amount of work done in just an hour and boarded my flight enjoying the sunshine and the satisfaction of knowing I was starting the week on a positive note.

Just after take-off, I popped in my AirPods with the full intention of reading some documents while listening to something on Spotify. Of course, a combination of lack of sleep and the recent flu combined to send me to sleep. In fact, I slept most of the way to Dublin – probably for the best if I’m honest.

I’m now wrapping up a very productive day in my hotel room – though not the hotel room I requested, but that’s another story entirely – and all I can think of is food. My meetings schedule made lunch a bit of a challenge, but to be honest, I didn’t have an appetite at all. So I’m heading into dinnertime with a need for something substantial.

Read that how you will.

I’m still feeling distinctly rough, regularly coughing like someone who has slept outdoors under a wet blanket, so it’ll be an early night tonight and again tomorrow night. Once I get home on Thursday, I’ve a presentation to give and then a quick turnaround before flying back up to Scotland.

The good news? I’m no longer running a temperature and can swallow without any pain. Small mercies after a painful and tough few days.

I’d quite like to be healthy again. This flu has been boring, if nothing else.

2 comments on “Leaping into another week!

  1. Hope that nasty virus is clearing up – you did *not* sound well on your recent podcast.


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