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Feeling rough, on the move.

I’ll be blunt – it hasn’t been the easiest of weeks. After picking up some kind of virus late last week, I’ve spent this weekly mostly sweating, coughing, groaning, sneezing and generally feeling very sorry for myself.

This was made all the worse because of my schedule.

I had to fly to Bucharest on Wednesday to speak at a conference on Thursday. I then had to make a rather last-minute trip to Scotland on Friday afternoon. I’m on the return train right now, desperately trying to not disturb fellow passengers with my fairly disgusting chesty cough.

I get back into London about 8pm and then tomorrow morning, I fly to Dublin at 9am, where I stay until Thursday lunchtime. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to it, as I’d much prefer to stay in bed and knock this illness on the head.

If I’d cancelled Bucharest, I’m confident I’d be well by now. The symptoms have moved down steadily through the week. From a headache and sore throat, down to ticklish cough and now a full-on 40-a-day cough which is frankly exhausting.

All of these symptoms are made worse by the lack of sleep. It’s hard to sleep when you’re perspiring from every pore and trying to hold in a wracking cough.

Last night, I stayed at my mum’s place in the countryside outside Dunfermline and slept for a full 12 hours. It was miraculous and just what I needed. There’s nothing like being looked after by your mum to get your feeling better! If I could get another good night’s sleep tonight, I think I’ll be able to face Dublin with a smile tomorrow.

So, I’ve a few (small) things to be grateful for:

  • I packed my bag for Dublin before I left London on Friday afternoon, so all I have to do is swap out my toiletries and I’m good to go.
  • I’m looking forward to the client time I’ll get in Dublin and will be staying in a comfortable hotel.
  • My journey back from Scotland is in First Class, so at least it will be comfortable.
  • I’m enjoying looking out at the wonderful Scottish countryside on the way.

I’m hoping to get a snooze in on my way home, in between catching up on various Netflix bits and pieces and dipping into the bag of Haribo I treated myself to yesterday.

And if you’d like a preview of just how rough I’ve sounded this week, check out my heaving breathing and groaning recorded on MacPsych on the Move – my very occasional podcast over on

It’s not pretty…

Oh, and after I fly back from Dublin on Thursday, I get the luxury of a night in my own bed before flying back up to Scotland again. Really, I was bang on when I named that podcast…I’m always on the move these days.

8 comments on “Feeling rough, on the move.

  1. Sounds rough indeed. Hope you shake this soon 🙂

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  2. Recover soon! Naked hugs!


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  4. Thank goodness you were saved by Ma!


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