Holidays beckon…

Right. My bags are packed and I’ve just one more working day to get through. Then I’m off to Japan for a couple of weeks!

If I’m totally honest, I’m never short of holidays. Travel is my one true vice, and @TheFrankFlyer and I take several breaks and longer holidays every year. I know I’m very lucky to be in this position, while lots of other people have to stretch out a much less generous holiday allowance.

Being my own boss means I can take the holidays I like – within reason of course!

But I’ve been looking forward to this break in particular for some time. There’s something so magical about Japan that holidays there are the highlight of every year. We’re going to visit Fukuoka, in the South West of Japan, and enjoy some time by the sea. I’m looking forward to a sea breeze and some time on the beach. We’ll also take a day trip to Nagasaki and then finish our holiday in Tokyo – my favourite ever city.

It’ll be our first time in Fukuoka and Nagasaki, both of which come highly recommended. After that, it should be nice to be back in Tokyo, as we know it so well by now. We’re even going to be able to meet up with friends we’ve made there on previous visits.

My one concern is the heat.

Right now, Tokyo is experiencing quite the heatwave, along with some vicious shirt-soaking humidity. So, when packing last night, we had this in mind. Our cases our full of shorts and t-shirts, with a view to needing a change of clothes each evening, after a long day of walking the city.

(This is in sharp contrast to our last visit, in January, when there was still snow on the streets!)

I’m sure I’ll cope though. There are vending machines full of cold drinks on virtually every street and the vast majority of buildings (including our hotel!) are thoroughly air-conditioned. I’ll just have to keep an eye on @TheFrankFlyer – he’s not made for the sun or the heat, so we’ll have to be careful.

And there’s nothing more refreshing than a dip in an onsen at the end of the day, following by a soak in a freezing plunge pool and a cold Japanese beer. So I don’t think I’ll suffer too much.


Once again, we’re going with British Airways, using up our annual two-for-one voucher and Avios points to get us into First Class. It’s quite an experience, but for us it’s only manageable by careful points collection and @TheFrankFlyer‘s intimate knowledge of the Avios system. So the holiday will really begin as soon as we arrive at Heathrow, as we’ll be able to use the Concorde Room and start eating and drinking like the degenerates we are!

I’ll share my holiday highlights over on MyLittleTravel.blog. Expect a holiday-related lack of updates here while I immerse myself in all things Japanese…


7 comments on “Holidays beckon…

  1. Woooooo have fun! 😀 Japan has always been my dream! I look forward to reading about your exploits 🙂

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  2. The heat made me change my travels plans. Some temples open as early as 7:30 and a hat is a life saver. I only went south as far as Kyoto so Fukuoka is probably even hotter. Enjoy, Japan is still a wonder!

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    • Thank you! I’ve packed two hats (completely bald, so it’s a necessity), as well as a fan (the bamboo kind). We’ll be taking it very, very easy. 🙂

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  4. As usual, excellent photos! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the “leisurely lifestyle!” Be safe! Naked hugs!


  5. ethnicolor

    Excellent – have a fantastic trip!

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