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Beating the Dublin heat

I’m here in Dublin on business, seeing several clients and working on a bunch of projects across last week and this week. And my visit has coincided with a bit of an unseasonal heatwave.

Dublin is a great place, but it really comes into its own in the sunshine. Lots of big, blue skies and greenery everywhere. Which is fab when it’s about 20C. Or even 22C. But today, it was 26C outside the office I was working in and about 29C inside.

And I was wearing ‘work clothes’.

It was quite unpleasant. Sauna-like. But in the worst possible way. In that I was wearing clothes and there was no chance of a freezing shower to cool down after I’d had enough heat. So, worst case scenario sauna.

Last weekend was gorgeous and I got to spend the time outdoors and enjoying Dublin’s various pubs and eateries. But so far this week, it’s been almost all work and time spent in non-air-conditioned spaces with exasperated, perspiring Irish people.

Honestly, neither Ireland nor its inhabitants are built for this kind of weather. I think I’m an outlier with my a) love of the sun and b) ability to tan in moments. Regardless, the canal banks outside of my hotel are littered with extremely white Irish people, lying facing the sun and drinking like it’s a Friday night.

Sunburn is tomorrow’s problem, apparently.

This is actually my second hotel of the visit. Last week and the weekend was spent in the Mespil Hotel, my absolute favourite. I got a spectacular room that I fell in love with at first sight.

Business budget meant that I had to spend this second week in the nearby Hilton, which is decidedly not the Mespil. My room is pokey and the bed is less than a double.

Frankly, it’s depressing, so I’m glad I’m back at the Mespil next week and again at the end of July. This place is not worthy of the Hilton brand, but I sadly find myself saying that quite a bit these days. I used to be such a fan.

Anyway, I’m now back at my hotel, sitting at an outdoor terrace, sipping a cold beer and relaxing. I managed to forget to pack shorts for this trip – not exactly ‘forget’, I just didn’t believe the weather forecasts for Dublin, and didn’t think I’d need them.

So I’m sitting here in my gym shorts and a gym t-shirt. UNIQLO’s very best! Judge me all you like, I don’t care. I’m now cool and comfortable.

And it’s time to order dinner.

10 comments on “Beating the Dublin heat

  1. I doubt that anyone would judge you for dressing comfortably – at least you are wearing clothing which is much more than what I’d do! 😉 Naked hugs!


    • Ha! If I could, I’d be naked lying in the sun. But it wouldn’t go down well with the hotel authorities. In fact. I heard from a client today that some girls got arrested at a music festival here for going topless. “Inappropriate” as it was a “family event”. The mind boggles!!

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      • I always wonder about those people who determine that topless women are inappropriate at family events. Who do they think nursed them when they were infants? 😉


      • And just how scary are breasts?! I don’t think I’ve been scarred by seeing them all around me all my life. Just weird to think they’ll harm children. I’d suggest they have other ‘security threats’ at a musical festival. Cough cough.

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      • I know they do have very serious concerns in this country about music festivals, but with very lax gun laws. But Ireland?


      • No worries about guns at all here – incredibly strict, sane, gun laws. I meant petty crime and drugs. More important that some free flowing breasts in the summer sun!

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  2. ethnicolor

    And this weather continues… we were on Ios and in Athens for the past week for a friend’s wedding (first trip to Greece). Just arrived home and the weather is as hot here as there; amazing. Hope you’re not sweltering too much!

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    • Hope you enjoyed Greece – I’ve never been! But want to…

      Right now, I’m enjoying a spot of lunch in the shade. But I’ve some more calls to do before I can enjoy any of this sunshine. I’m planning a walk along the canal later. It’s glorious!


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