A week in Tokyo: with carry-on luggage only

I’m about an hour away from making my way to London Gatwick for the first leg of our trip to Japan. And for the first time, I’m going to Japan with only carry-on luggage.

Nothing is getting checked in, so I won’t waste any time at check-in or at arrival, waiting for bags. Obviously, I need to stick within airline cabin baggage limits, but as I’m going Business Class with Finnair, it’s generous enough – especially if I come back with an additional bag full of shopping!

I actually bought a bag especially for this trip – but also for use when traveling for the rest of the year. I’ve enough trips booked, cost-per-use is proving to be a useful metric. I got a Samsonite Flux Soft 4, which is designed to be brought into the cabin. It’s incredibly spacious and light, sits on four wheels and has a very handy pocket on the top, so you can easily take out your toiletries at airport security.

When packing this morning, I managed to fit in two pairs of trainers, about 12 t-shirts, five normal shorts, two pairs of trousers, running gear and gym gear, some sweaters, my toiletries, a large hat and scarf (it’s cold in Tokyo right now) and a large puffa jacket. The latter got folded and kept inside a large freezer-bag, to keep it as small as possible. Thus saving me even more space.


It’s now full, but I’ll free up some space by throwing out the underwear and socks I’m bringing (definitely on their last legs), along with some very old t-shirts I’ll use to visit the hotel gym.

I’m definitely going to avoid checking in luggage for the rest of the year, where possible. I’m not sure if it will be when we go to Japan for two weeks in August, but I’ll do my best. It’s so much less worry and hassle and you’re also forced to be more selective about what you bring.

Let’s see how I survive with only a carry-on bag for such a long journey…

4 comments on “A week in Tokyo: with carry-on luggage only

  1. Ok, let me guess you are going to throw away your underwear… you must be a guy! Anyways congrats on such a small bag, unattainable for me especially when Returning from Japan!!!

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