Fukuoka it is!

As I mentioned previously,  have quite a few great trips planned for 2018. And this time next week, I’ll be on my way to Tokyo (via Helsinki!) enjoying all that Finnair has to offer.

But in August, I return to Japan – along with @TheFrankFlyer – and we have two weeks to enjoy ourselves. In planning this trip, a few days in Tokyo was a no-brainer. But after some thought, we decided to make it a week.  We just needed another venue or two to make up the holiday.

We’ve previously been to Osaka and Kyoto a couple of times, along with Kanazawa and Hiroshima. And we were keen to try somewhere new. So, after a little research, we’ve decided to visit Fukuoka and spend our first four days of the visit there. It necessitates a flight from Tokyo, just after getting off a flight from London, but I’m sure I’ll survive!

Fukuoka has a wonderful waterfront, beaches, museums and a legendary mall. But we’re hoping that August will mean plenty of outdoors time and no need to shelter in a mall.

We still need to learn a little more about the city and what we should go and see, but it was fun just deciding on our next Japanese adventure. If you’ve ever been to Fukuoka, let me know if you have any top tips!

Happy travels!

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