My 2018 travel plans

Something I learned many years ago was the value of planning your holidays well in advance. Without time blocked out to do some exploring, work can easily take over and you’re left with a fight over who gets to take leave and (potentially) higher travel costs for booking at the last minute.

And when you’ve got travel plans, you always have something to look forward to.

So even before 2017 is over. I’ve got some exciting plans for 2018 already booked and confirmed:

January: I have several work trips to Dublin planned across the first six months of 2018. I’ve already decided to make the first one into a holiday and I’m bringing @TheFrankFlyer with me. So I’ll be staying there for nearly a week and he’ll join me for the weekend. I’m already looking forward to catching up with old friends.


Dublin looking lovely in the Winter sun


As already discussed, I’ll be spending the end of January and the start of February in Tokyo!

March: We’re going back to Berlin, for more steaming and sauna action, more walks in the parks and more hearty German food. And this time, I’m determined to sample some currywurst.


Berlin selfies!


June: We had such an epic time at Sitges Pride this year, we’ve already booked our stay for 2018. So a lovely long weekend planned for June 14th to 18th, where I’m looking for to lots of sun, lots of beach and tons of nighttime Pride shenanigans. If this year was anything to go by, I’ll probably need another holiday, just to recover…


Beautiful Sitges


August: This month sees us make our second visit to Japan, this time staying for over two weeks and exploring more of the country. We’ve yet to come up with a definitive plan, but we’re thinking of heading north this time.

So quite a few trips already in the calendar. And this doesn’t include everywhere I’ll have to go for work (other Dublin trips, Barcelona etc). I think it’s safe to say I’ll have plenty of content for this little travel blog next year!

5 comments on “My 2018 travel plans

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  2. ethnicolor

    There is nothing as satisfying as having multiple travel bookings in the calendar on the first day of the year! Likewise, we have several bookings for trips in 2018, the first one being Meloneras tomorrow! The booked trips also include London, Paris, Ios and Athens, finishing off with Lake Como – nothing as exciting as travel plans! Enjoy Japan!

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    • Your plans sound excellent! Seems we both enjoy our travel planning and going far and wide. I’ve never been to Athens so would really love to add it to my list for next year. Looking forward to hearing all your adventures once you’re back. Maybe over coffee in London? 🙂

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