A wander round sunny Barcelona

I’m once again in beautiful Barcelona, once again for work. But instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to race to morning meetings, I decided to come over the day before and work from here before tomorrow’s meetings.

An excellent plan, even if I do say so myself.

After working all the way over on the plane – honestly, I wrote three blog posts for work, as well as some project planning – I settled into my hotel room. I was then somewhat unceremoniously refused entry to the hotel’s executive lounge (apparently a Hilton gold card isn’t worth what it used to be) and so took to the streets for a walk in the late afternoon sunshine.

What a great idea.

It was sunny, cloud-free and 22C in Barcelona today – pretty much the opposite of London. So I went for a walk while listening to some podcasts and, after 5km of walking the sun, found myself outside the BrewDog pub. I had no idea there was one in Barcelona, so after working up a thirst, came in for a pint of something cold and refreshing.

Another great idea.

Anyway, I’ve managed to stay on top of work, get some important things done and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies while I’m at it. Such a mood booster. I love me some sunshine!

While I’m having dinner with clients this evening, I’m completely free tomorrow evening and may go for another wander and see where the fading afternoon sunshine takes me.67

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  1. ethnicolor

    One of my favourite cities.

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