New BA safety information video is a welcome change

As someone who flies with British Airways a lot, I can tell you I was getting enormously sick of their safety information video. A slightly creepy cartoon, showing spaced-out passengers gliding around the cabin. They moved as if they’d been tranquilized and the voiceover made me shudder every time I heard it.

Once you’ve seen it six times in one week, it definitely loses its appeal.

Last week, on a flight to Dublin, there was a completely new safety information video – and it was a very welcome change. It even got a few laughs out of the passengers, which is some feat first thing in the morning.

This is a special edition, featuring a selection of British celebrities, and it’s all in aid of Comic Relief.

I’m secretly hoping that they don’t return to the creepy cartoon and eventually replace this with something a little more up to date.

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