Tokyo: this isn’t the weather I ordered!

I arrive in Tokyo first thing next Tuesday morning for a holiday with my nephew. While I’m as excited as a toddler at Christmas at the prospect of being back in Japan, a quick look at the long range forecast just now was a bit of a downer.


I knew it was going to be very hot in Tokyo, but I hadn’t counted on the risk of rain – or even storms – combined with the heat. I’d emphasised to my nephew the need to keep out of direct sun for too long (he has very light skin and blond hair) and to keep hydrated as we tour the city.

A quick look at the weather on my iPhone this morning and I found myself adding ‘umbrella’ to my packing list.

Dear Tokyo, this is not the weather I ordered for my holiday. Please sort it out!You have a little under a week, so I’d like to be greeted by sunshine!

1 comment on “Tokyo: this isn’t the weather I ordered!

  1. Ah! Sitting here in Taipei, where it’s as humid as in Tokyo and 37C every day, I am jealous of the Tokyo’s weather you had

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