Two months until Tokyo!

Yes! In just two short months, I’ll be making my way for another visit to Tokyo. And this time, I’ll have a new co-pilot: my ten-year-old nephew, Andrew.

I’ll be flying up to Edinburgh to pick him up and, after a weekend there, we’ll fly to Amsterdam, from where we’ll go to Tokyo, via Helsinki. Frank and I flew to Seoul via Helsinki last year and it was a very pleasant way to go. Finnair’s service was superb and the break for a couple of hours in the very lovely Helsinki Airport was nice.

Andrew and I will be staying in my favourite Tokyo hotel, the Hilton in Shinjuku. It’s walking distance from Shinjuku Station, from where we can get to virtually anywhere in the city.

Plus it has an amazing breakfast buffet and simply the best views from its Executive Lounge on the 38th floor. Yes, that is Mount Fuji in the distance!


We don’t have a firm plan for each day, though I know we’ll be spending some time in Harajuku, Shibuya and Akihabara, so he gets to see “the sights”. But Tokyo in July is pretty hot, so I imagine we’ll be taking it fairly easy.

I’m not sure if a trip to Mount Fuji is on the cards – I did a day trip to there a few years back and, while it was wonderful, it was a hell of a long day. A bit of a mission, in fact. I’m not sure a ten-year-old would be up for it.

Though we would get to go on a Shinkensen – something I think we’d both enjoy!

Meanwhile, I’m starting each weekend with a 10am Japanese class for three hours. I’m determined to get better at speaking and understanding Japanese. Four weeks in and I’m already noticing a difference. I’m definitely the kind of person who benefits from the classroom experience.

Besides, how impressed will Andrew be that his uncle can speak Japanese?! 😊<<

2 comments on “Two months until Tokyo!

  1. ethnicolor

    Lucky nephew! Having an uncle that whisked you off on exotic locations was definitely the kind of topic featured in many Dandy / Topper annuals from I remember from the ’70s – I hope he appreciates the opportunity!


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