Tan maintenance conundrum 

Having spent four days solid on the beach in Sitges last week, I picked up quite the tan. As in, every single person I’ve seen since I got back has been stunned at just how dark I’ve gone. I love lying in the sun. And it shows…    

After a massive breakfast in the morning, I’d take myself down to the beach for between five and six hours of non-stop sunbathing, fuelled by cold drinks and some marvellous books on my Kindle. It was, without any exaggeration, pure heaven. The warmth, the sunshine, the swimming in the sea. A recipe for relaxation. 

But now I’m back in London, the challenge is maintaining this tan, in the absence of any Spanish sunshine. I mean, after diligently oiling up, turning over, following the sun and avoiding tan-marks (I was on the Platja dels Balmins, after all…) I don’t want to see this fade. Or worse still, peel off like a layer of old flakey paint. 

Yes, I’ll be back there in about six weeks, to enjoy Sitges Pride. But in the meantime, I love this tan. I feel healthy and more, so look healthy. So there’s only one thing for it: moisturiser. And lots of it… 

It’s not like there’s going to be much in the way of London sun any time soon. And even if there is, I don’t my neighbours would take too kindly to me tanning ‘desnudo’ in our shared garden. 

London really needs somewhere you can sunbathe naked. Really. 

And while I’m at it, a lot more sunshine. 

7 comments on “Tan maintenance conundrum 

  1. Welcome back to the normal humdrum of London life 😉 We just have overcast skies here. Soak em up! 😛 lol


  2. You always have your next holiday to look forward to! In the meantime, moisturize! Naked hugs!


  3. Sounds like the perfect way, and the perfect place to relax and have fun. I will have to visit one day.

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