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So that is what Vueling is like

For our most recent trip to Spain, we had to take a number of domestic flights from Alicante to Palma and Palma to Barcelona, for which we selected Vueling.  The timings and prices for the flights were okay and we had the possibility to earn some Avios, which we could transfer to British Airways Executive Club using our Iberia Plus Account.

Despite the flights leaving on time, getting onboard was a stressful and annoying ordeal.  Like with many flights in Spain, fellow passengers ignored directions, cue signage and decided to board at there leisure.  This resulted in chaos on both or first and second segments.

Service was identical on both flights, with the crew were polite and helpful to the passengers, many of whom had taken to much hand luggage onboard!

My biggest surprise was the lack of legroom.  I am only 5’7″ tall, however, my knees hit the seat in front.  Very worried that British Airways is moving to the same layout on their European fleet, travelling with them could becoming a lot more uncomfortable.

For very short flights, I would opt for Vueling again if the times work, however, for longer journey’s I will look for another option first.



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