Sitges sunshine

I’m once again in my favourite corner of Spain: Sitges.

I’ve already written about why I like it, but today capped it all. After getting off our flight from Mallorca in Barcelona, we were out of the airport and on our way in a taxi in record time. Despite our flight being more like a crèche – I seriously had babies in front of me, beside me and next to me!

Collecting our luggage was more about avoiding roaming toddlers than it was about picking up bags.

At hotel check-in this afternoon, we got a free upgrade to a premium room, which meant an enormous balcony looking out to the sea. Cue smiles all around, as the hotel is really busy and I wasn’t sure if my Melia card would work.

Our room is very spacious, but the most important thing is the balcony. And just how much sun it gets!

After a quick stop off at a local grocery store for some snacks for our room, it was moments before I found myself out here on the balcony, all alone and completely private, working on removing my remaining tan lines. I should have an uninterrupted couple of hours here to bask in the sun before it’s time to wander into town for evening drinks.

Tomorrow, the plan is: early breakfast and Frank will then hit the gym. I won’t.

Instead, I’ll go to the beach and get us a couple of sun beds and continue this holiday’s theme of simply lying motionless in direct sunlight.

Platja des Blamins is right next store to our hotel, so I’ll get plenty of opportunity to sunbathe in comfort, as naked as the day I was born, but more importantly, go swimming in the sea. It’s something I’ve been looking forward to all holiday and only a frozen-over Mediterranean would keep me out tomorrow.

Now, it’s time for me to step away from my iPad and turn my face back up to the sun. The last thing I need is more tan lines…

3 comments on “Sitges sunshine

  1. Good for you, enjoying all the sun completely bare! Great photos. Have fun! Naked hugs!


  2. Sounds lovely. I’m quite envious!

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    • Oh it is. I’m on the beach right now, looking into the Mediterranean and enjoying the sunshine. There’s also no public music, nobody cooking anything and the loudest noise I can hear is laughter. It’s the most civilised and simultaneously relaxing beach I’ve ever visited.


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