Soaking up some Spanish sun

We’ve just spent a fantastic few days in Villamartin, Orehuela in Spain. We’ve been staying with my parents, who have a house here. Even though it’s early April, the sun has been kind enough to appear daily and I have basked in its rays every morning and afternoon.

I can’t believe how lucky we’ve been with the weather. Only this morning have some clouds arrived and they were quickly blasted away by the sun by the time Frank and I got back from our morning walk.

As I’ve written before, I’m a complete sun-worshipper, so to have a private roof terrace has been bliss. No noisy shared pool or over-crowded beaches this week. It’s been a mix of hours spent on a rooftop terrace, half a dozen steps to a well-stocked fridge and nightly strolls to nearby restaurants for some food.

The terrace is well-placed to get sun from morning until late in the evening, so I could have basically stayed up here all day, every day. But that’s not very sociable, so we went on a couple of excursions into nearby La Zenia for some shopping (where I treated myself to some new swimming shorts) and up to a nearby hotel and golf resort for lunch. The one constant , though, has been the sun and I’ve been as happy as a pig in the proverbial all week.

The sunshine has boosted my mood no end and I’ve slept very well every night. The best sign of my total relaxation has been waking up with no idea what day it is and no thoughts of even checking. I truly believe I was born in the wrong country! I’ve been wracking my brains since arriving, trying to find ways of spending more time out here on a regular basis…

The feeling of waking up to sunshine, knowing that it will be around all day, is indescribably glorious. The feeling of sunshine on my skin and the lovely tingling you get after a day in the sun…simply wonderful. And addictive.

Added bonus for my naturist tendencies: privacy up here on the roof has meant I can work on removing the annoying (at least to me) tan lines I’ve built up – with no neighbours overlooking the roof terrace, I’ve been able to go ‘au naturel’ in preparation for doing the same once we get to Sitges. Sun cream applied liberally, of course. There’s sunburn and then there’s sun burn there. Neither are pleasant, but the latter doesn’t bear thing about about!

This evening, we fly to Palma de Mallorca, and we’ll stay a few days near to Frank’s parents. We’ll be staying in a hotel there, so I don’t anticipate any bare-cheeked sunbathing, but instead lots of long walks by the sea and a chance to have some excellent food. I may even go for a run or two, weather permitting.

And then on to Barcelona and Sitges. I’m hoping for a solid two weeks of sunshine, but just in case, I’ve taken advantage while here in Orihuela, so I don’t return to London as pale as when I left.

I’m holding my hands up here – I’m a sun addict and I’m proud of it. If you could bottle it, I’d be an importer for London.

Now, back to some sunshine before starting to pack our bags for the next leg of the journey…

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