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The lack of sleep is getting to me…

After Saturday night’s surprise visit from the pizza delivery man, I was hoping I’d be tired enough last night to catch up on some sleep.

Following an early flight to Barcelona for work, a solid few hours working in my hotel room and a long walk around town, I felt ready for bed. After nipping out for a late lunch / early dinner, of course. I went to Bacoa, which had come highly recommended every time I googled places to eat out alone in Barcelona.

I wasn’t disappointed. Excellent food, relaxed atmosphere and a full belly guaranteed.

I enjoyed a wander around town, taking in the sunshine and impressively blue skies. I was possibly the only person taking photos of it – everyone else seemed to be taking selfies!

After a walk back to the hotel, a spot of TV and a shower, I got into bed and read for a while. Only then did I notice just how noisy my room was. I always (nearly always) stay in the same hotel in Barcelona, and realised that I’m usually placed in a room on a much higher floor. Last night, I was on the second floor, directly over the main entrance. Cue the noise of taxis. coming and going at all hours of the night.

So, not much sleep was had.

So one of the first things I did when I got to my client’s office was head straight to their excellent coffee machine and start the dark nectar flowing…

I had a pretty full-on day with clients and have arrived at Barcelona airport to find my flight delayed by an hour. I am far from amused, but trying to make the best of it. For  start, I bought an upgrade, so I can eat on the plane. I’ve also come to the (not so great) “Sala VIP” to get a seat, wifi and some nibbles while I wait. If I’m honest, I take the projected take-off time with a pinch of salt. I may be here for some time, so I might as well get comfortable.

And all the time hoping I get some sleep this evening…


12 comments on “The lack of sleep is getting to me…

  1. When you (finally) get some sleep, sweet dreams! Naked Hugs!

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  2. Urgh. Noisy hotel rooms are the worst. It’s not like we’re talking rocket science – surely the essence of staying in a hotel is that you’re there to sleep and maybe have a shower and some breakfast the following morning, so why do so many rooms in so many hotels the world over apparently suffer from this problem? Here’s hoping you get home without too much delay and have a chance to catch up on your sleep in peaceful surroundings soon!

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    • Thanks Paul 😀 The delay was only an hour and I managed to get a bit more sleep last night. Couldn’t agree more about hotel rooms, though.


  3. stevemorton

    Dare I suggest reducing your caffeine in take? Not cutting it out completely. I had to quite a few years ago, I only drink de-caff these days…


    • Good point – and I’ve been reducing it to a single cup in the mornings while I’m on holidays. I’m sleeping a little better, but also resting in the sun during the day. So it’s hard to tell what’s working. My money’s on the sunshine!! 😎

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  4. ethnicolor

    The next you and the hubby are in Barcelona together, make it your business to go for the Sunday Brunch in the Majestic Hotel (the one on Passeig De Gracia) – beautiful location, fantastic food, endless sparkling wine… a real treat, and very reasonable, considering what you get.

    Another food favourite in Barcelona is Sete Portes ( ) near the waterfront – popular with Spaniards, delicious food, but the atmosphere is the main draw.

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    • That sounds amazing – thanks for the heads up! I’ve added it to my Barcelona map on Google Maps 🙂

      Right now, we’re awaiting our flight from Alicante to Palma de Mallorca. Can’t wait to be in Mallorca again 😎☀️🥂


      • ethnicolor

        A part of Spain I just have never visited (south east)… we were hoping to do some travelling around small-town north-east Spain this year, but I’m suddenly working on a project at work and I need to kind of drop everything for 2017. When we get some control back over our months again, prob in 2018, we’ll visit all these off-the-beaten-track locations in Spain. Can’t really complain though – we have a few sneaky days in glorious Venice in a few weeks!

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      • Ah…Venice is still on my bucket list. May try to get there next year. Looking forward to hearing how you get on there. It looks magnificent.

        We’ve just spent a few days on Orihuela Costa, in my parents’ house. Gorgeous weather, lovely scenery – but parts of it are a little like Essex-in-Spain. I think you need to choose your spot carefully. But as I was here simply for the family time and the sunbathing, it didn’t impact me really.


  5. ethnicolor

    Yes, when it’s a trip with family, that dictates where and when. We’ve visited and enjoyed all the capital and +1 cities, and we’re now ready to start exploring the smaller cities and towns of Italy, France and Spain. Weather and tourist highlights are not really a big draw any more – we’re more interested in exploring the hinterlands. So 4-day city trips are not going to feature so much in the future, and instead we’ll look to spend 10 days on a trip, and see if we can do something like “5 days in Pyrenean France, 5 days in northern Spain”. As you get older you approach your holidays differently!


  6. Great post fun read…

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