London to Singapore with Malaysia Airlines

We’ve just arrived in our Singapore hotel, so it’s time to share a quick review of the journey here.

Our check-in at Heathrow T4 went without a hitch and we quickly passed through security. In possibly record time! No shopping required, so we headed straight for the airline lounge to wait for our flight. We were hours too early, all because I wanted to avoid traveling across London, with luggage, on the rush hour tube. I’d rather spend time sipping a drink than being rammed in a packed, sweaty tube carriage.

Malaysia Airlines lounge in T4 is quite nice with a view onto the airstrip. Frank was in his element, watching the planes while I watched the news and vented a little on Twitter.

It has a limited selection of buffet items and a well stocked bar. With a generous Bar man! Perhaps too generous if Frank’s super-strong mojito was anything to go by. I stuck to simple champagne (no calories if it’s free!) and some curry from the buffet.

Boarding was speedy and efficient. I was actually the first person on board! We got two middle seats on the upper deck.

The welcome and service were extremely friendly but I quickly noticed that the plane was a little…aged? One bathroom was completely out of use. The remote control for my screen took its housing with it when I pulled on it. And Frank’s remote was held in place with masking tape. The toilets were well past their sell-by date too!

Anyway, I made a beeline for the bathroom to get changed into my preferred flight attire: a tshirt and my favourite grey UNIQLO sweatpants from Tokyo. Combined with my UNIQLO socks, it was quite the fetching outfit.

Judge me all you like – I love these sweats!

But I couldn’t care less, as being comfortable and getting some sleep on a flight is a lot more important to me than looking stylish. Or even presentable. And these are, quite frankly, the most comfortable item of clothing I own. Indescribably comfy.

Seats were comfortable and I slept about six hours, which I think is a record for me. Some champagne helped, as did the deathly dull “The Accountant“. The best of a bad lot on the onboard entertainment, where one of the “Action” highlights was all three movies in the “Big Momma’s House” trilogy. I’m glad I had an iPad full of things to watch and read.

On board food and drink was quite nice too. Aside from the champagne, which was topped up with surprisingly regularity, I enjoyed some beautiful gravalax, a delicious chicken curry and a chocolate and chilli torte.

Breakfast (or dinner, as it was about 4pm local time when I had it) was a very nice prawn curry.

In typical fashion, the flight couldn’t go smoothly for me. I went to freshen up pre-landing, and get changed back into my clothes. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for one of the bathrooms to become available, I closed the door behind me and began to get undressed.

Getting changed in the spacious bathrooms onboard an A380 is a lot easier than on smaller planes. But it’s still a bathroom and requires some skill manoeuvring. Especially if you want to avoid touching too many surfaces. It is, after all, a bathroom.

Unluckily for me, as soon as I’d taken off my tshirt and sweatpants, the crew announced over the tannoy that we’d encountered some bad turbulence and asked everyone to return to their seats.

And there I was, still in the bathroom, naked except for a pair of socks, weighing up my options.

In seconds, the turbulence got pretty hairy, and I ended up clinging to the sink for stability. I began to have visions of the crew knocking on the door to get me to return to my seat. Or worse still, being thrown around the bathroom and being found unconscious and naked (apart from my socks) by an unfortunate crew member.

A surefire way for me to make it into the tabloids. And quite possibly get arrest on arrival in Kuala Lumpur!

I opted to get dressed quickly and skip any attempt at washing. Surely adding water to the mix would only make my situation worse?

So I managed to carefully get dressed while bouncing off the walls of the very large A380 bathroom. Not my finest moment. And made all the worse by having to see my awkward (and very tired) reflection in the full length mirror opposite me.

I made it back to my seat without incident. The turbulence, however, continued for some time!

Our one hour layover in KL was extended by a delayed flight – which was a little frustrating given our dash to get to the right gate. But the one-hour hop from KL to Singapore seemed like popping out to the shops compared to the previous flight and I even enjoyed some delicious satay chicken.

Now it’s time to turn off, get some sleep and be ready for an early start and co-facilitating a workshop.

3 comments on “London to Singapore with Malaysia Airlines

  1. Already sounds like quite an adventure! But turbulence aside, it sounds like living the high life indeed 🙂

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  2. I love Singapore, hope you have fun. Kuala Lumpur less so – I got dengue fever there

    Liked by 1 person

    • Singapore is my favourite business destination. I have less fond memories of working in KL but that was all down to the terrible venue…


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