Malaysia Singapore

Our seat for the next 13 hrs

Looks comfortable enough. Lets hope we can get some sleep. ….

……Well a couple of hours till landing. I just had my breakfast, which was nice and I forgot to take a picture. 

The verdicton the seat. It was okay for the first 3 hours with the abundance of champagne I had. But once one of our fellow passengers started cough heavily, I had a disturbed night sleep, waking up every 30 min as he had a coughing fit. 

After just having freshed up in the huge A380 lav, I am feeling a bit more human and am ready to navigate Kuala Lumpur Airport to catch our connection to Singapore. 

About MacPsych

An Irish psychologist, now based in London. Loves coffee, travel, beer and Apple gadgets. Fanatical about Japan.

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