One day till departure….

…. of my last minute trip to Asia.

I am tagging along on @Macpsych‘s trip to Singapore next week and have decided to stay a bit longer to see some Asian cities, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Bangkok to be precise, in addition to Singapore.

Being an aviation geek, I tried to make the travel part just as interesting as the site seeing.

I quickly discovered there are a large number of fifth freedom flight options available between the cities I am planning to travel to.

So, now that all the planning is done, I am excited to look forward in flying 4 new airlines for my airlines flown list.

Look out for my posts in the next two weeks to find out about my whirlwind journey around Asia.

Happy travels.

About MacPsych

An Irish psychologist, now based in London. Loves coffee, travel, beer and Apple gadgets. Fanatical about Japan.

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