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A speedy Asian turnaround: Singapore in three days!

After making a list of all my upcoming travels, it was inevitable that another trip would make its way into my schedule. And so it has!

Tomorrow evening, I fly to Singapore for business. I get there on the Tuesday night, and spend Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a combination of meetings, workshops and sightseeing. As Frank is coming with me on this journey, I’ll have someone to show around.

This will be (from memory) my fifth visit to Singapore, so I pretty much know my way around the areas where  need to be. That said, it’ll also be my shortest visit. I’m used to flying out on a Friday evening and flying home the following Friday night. So I’m a little concerned how hard I’ll be hit by the jet-lag stick.

Luckily, I’m not tied up all day every day, so there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy some great food and wander around taking in the sights. And naps, if required. I also have several hours free on the Friday before my night flight back to London, so I’m planning to enjoy some Japanese-style onsen action at Yunomori Onsen. I’m hoping it’ll be the perfect way to combat jet lag and relax me for the journey home.

I’m working all day tomorrow, so I’m sure to sleep on the flight. Depending on comfort levels, that is. My previous journeys had always been with British Airways, until my client booked the last one with Malaysia Airlines. It was a pretty horrendous experience – delays, shocking service and a (supposedly) Business Class seat that wouldn’t recline. So I spent the entire journey slouched in my seat, desperate for sleep.

Why? Oh, because the flight was delayed from 11pm to 2am, so I was a tad tired after a solid week of 14 hour days.

Anyway, despite all my previous promises never to fly Malaysia Airlines again, I board flight MH1 from Heathrow tomorrow night at 9:35pm, with fingers crossed for a smooth and safe flight.

Why not BA, I hear you cry? Because this was a slightly last minute booking, the price differential was significant, to say the least. It is not much of a hardship (I’m going business class) and the savings are enormous. I’ll just miss the efficient BA service. I’ll also have to change planes in Kuala Lumpur. At the same time, it will be interesting to see if service on Malaysia Airlines has evolved at all.

And now: time to pack!




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