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Making 2017 my Year of Travel!

It’s already early March (where did January and February go?!) but so far work has taken me to Dublin three times and Barcelona twice. Both excellent venues, but slightly less so when you’re working hard. All the same, I love to travel. Work takes me interesting places and I (normally) get to stay in lovely venues.

Just last week, for example, this was my hotel room in Cheltenham:

There room had the best bathroom I’ve seen in a while and, after being on my feet all day running a workshop, it was a delight to get into a nice large bath and watch some trashy TV (Gotham, in this case) on my iPad.

While I’ll moan in the moment – especially when waiting on a delayed train back from London from a dark, cold and wet Cheltenham – I know that I really do enjoy the business travel I get to do.

And 2017 looks like it’s going be packed full of it!

Meanwhile, on the personal side of things, I’ve already managed to tick off one new city in my travel journal: Berlin. It was a super long weekend, with lots of walking, lots of sightseeing and lots of time spent sweating with strangers. I’ll definitely return and would love to head back some time in the summer, when it’s slightly easier to sit outside.

Looking ahead, I’ve got two weeks in Spain coming up next month, with visits to Mallorca, Alicante and Sitges, and I can’t wait to (hopefully) see the sun and get some time on the beach and in the sea.

We’ll visit family in the first two venues, but Sitges is just me and @FrankDJS, kicking back, going for long walks along the promenade and enjoying Platja de Balmins.

Then, in June, we head back for a long weekend to enjoy/survive Sitges Pride. It’ll be our first visit, but I know it comes highly recommended. I may need a holiday to get over it…

I’ve also booked a couple of trips to Japan!

Can I say that one more time? I’m going to visit Japan twice this year. All my Christmases have come at once. Japan: my favourite ever travel destination and one that never disappoints.

In July, I’m visiting Tokyo for a week with my little nephew. He’s only 10 and this will definitely be the furthest he’s ever travelled – and our first holiday together. I can’t wait to show him around and see who can eat more sushi in a single sitting. I anticipate it will be a close run thing.

I’m honestly not sure who’s the more excited, him or me!

(It’s probably me)

In September, I’ll return to Japan – for a couple of weeks with @FrankDJS – and we’ll visit Kyoto, Kanazawa and Tokyo (of course). We’ll eat, walk and people-watch, while I’ll also steam and poach myself in a selection of insensitive.

I’m left with a very quiet August, especially on the work front, so I’m planning to take some time out for a break somewhere quiet. Pretty much the opposite of Tokyo. I’m thinking of heading back to Spain, but I just know most of my favourite places will be jam-packed as it’s school holidays then.

So, all suggestions for European venues in August are most welcome. I need: a beach, some wifi and access to a balcony for secluded sun-bathing.

But hold on a minute…does all this travel sound a bit over the top?

Well, if you can’t give yourself unlimited holidays when you’re your own boss, then frankly what’s the point! I might as well be working for “the man”. And travel is honestly my favourite thing ever, so even the business trips are fun. In a way… Especially if I can combine them with some sight-seeing, which I always try to do when in Barcelona.

All the same, when I’m not on one of these trips, I’m probably going to be working extremely hard, to be able to pay for the travel in the first place. So don’t feel too jealous!

But all in all, I’m extremely thankful that my job allows for this kind of travel and I have the opportunities to go places like this. I don’t take it for granted for one minute.

9 comments on “Making 2017 my Year of Travel!

  1. Enjoy your year of travel! Naked hugs!


  2. Wow that’s a lot of travel! I’m totally jealous lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know – I’m really, really lucky. I *love* to travel and this year, I’m getting to visit all my favourite places. Lots to share here on the blog in the coming months 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ethnicolor

    Maybe it’s different when you work for yourself? I also love to travel, but I *despise* travelling for work, which I almost never do. As it happens I have to go to the US for 2 weeks next weekend, and I could not be more put out.
    Yet the day after I come back the hubby and I are heading for Amsterdam, and I can’t wait for that! Go figure…

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    • Moderation in all things, I suppose! I had two nights in Cheltenham last week, followed by a night at home and then a night in Dublin. All the travel went to plan and the work was rewarding. But, there are times when all I want to do is get home to my own bed, I’ll admit.

      Getting stuck in Kuala Lumpur airport at 2am is just one example that springs to mind!

      And being ‘sent’ away for work at someone else’s behest feels very different from winning the work and agreeing it all with the client yourself. It’s an investment in me and my business – not someone at the top of a very large corporate ladder.

      The attraction of a destination is very much in the eye of the beholder. I’m reminded of that whenever I get excited about Japan and see the looks on other people’s faces. Likewise, there are quite a few places I’ve no interest in visiting – either due to shocking human rights issues or because it genuinely holds no interest for me.

      That said, I’ll keep traveling and keep visiting new places for as long as I can!


  4. Great photos! I wish I could visit Japan and the Orient one day.


    • Thanks. I absolutely adore Japan. Visiting Korea for the first time last year, but apart from that, it’s just been business trips to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I’d love to see a lot more of Asia in the next few years.


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