My trip to the Traveler’s Factory, Japan

It may sound strange, but one of my highlights of last month’s visit to Japan was getting to visit the Traveler’s Factory store in Tokyo. They stock the (formerly Midori) Traveler’s Notebook products that I’ve been obsessing about over the last year, so I was determined to visit their ‘HQ’ and see the various products in the flesh.

I was using one of their notebooks to journal our trip to Japan, so it felt apt to spend some time there on a Sunday morning and stock up on new notebooks and accessories. The shop itself is hidden away on a backstreet in Meguro.

We were staying in Shinjuku, so just hopped on a Yamanote Line train and then walked from Ebisu station – about a 15-minute stroll. There is a closer metro station, but our JR rail passes didn’t cover that and we’re well used to walking around Tokyo. Plus, it allowed us to take in some of the neighbourhood – and it’s basically hipster central! Lots of quirky coffee shops and a steady stream of Japanese hipsters made it fairly easy to find.

The shop is surprisingly small, yet they manage to pack in quite a range of products. It was a little overwhelming, to be honest. It took me a few rotations of the store to get my bearings and find everything I came to buy – as well a several over things I had no intention of buying until I saw them beautifully displayed. I’m a sucker like that.

It was a marked contrast to many of the tech stories I’d already visited in Tokyo. Soft lighting, the smell of coffee and leather and a distinct lack of loud announcements over a tannoy. It was inviting, calming and more like someone’s home. The perfect place to pursue some stationery.

I’ll detail my Japan stationery haul in another post, but in brief, I picked up some notebooks in various formats, a binder to store complete notebooks, some lovely brass bookmarks, some stickers and a great bag to store my notebook. I also got @FrankDJS a few bits and bobs – he was particularly attracted to the Pan-Am branded goods 🙂

After paying for my purchases, I got talking to the sales assistant – whose name I never got, much to my annoyance – and we had a great chat about the notebooks, her travels to Dublin (my home own) and our visits to Japan. I snapped a quick selfie with her before taking a few pics of the shop interior. Many had to be discarded due to the number of people in-store. It’s quite a popular little store!

I could easily have spent longer (and a lot more money – seriously!), but we had quite a few things to see that day. I almost missed the various stamps they had by the cash register, but after checking they could be used (and weren’t just for show) I got some souvenir stamps of my visit in my own notebook.

For reference, they also have a store in Terminal 1, Narita Airport in Tokyo, but we flew out of the other terminal.  Maybe I’ll get to see it on our next visit. You can also get their products in both Toyku Hands and Loft stores across Japan, but for me, nothing was better than visiting the real thing.

11 comments on “My trip to the Traveler’s Factory, Japan

  1. So Lucky!! I love my Midori – and I’m thinking of getting a second one. The paper is just so superior to everything else I’ve ever used. I can get the inserts at Japan Town (Los Angeles) or Costa Mesa – both about a 2 hour drive. Totally worth it…

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    • Yay for Midori 🙂 Agree on the paper quality, but they’re also so flexible and much easier to deal with than any planner with rings (I’m looking at you, Filodax…)

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      • OH absolutely – I don’t even mind drawing my own “calendar lines” for my planner…. I’ve been using this for more than a year now, and I can’t see myself ever using any other system

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  2. looking forward to the Japanese stationery haul post.

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  3. What a fabulous post. I have been using my Midori since May this year and only bought it in January and for ages had no idea what to do with it. Then the bug bit and now it is practically my favourite thing ever. I am also looking forward to the goods bought post, and good luck on your super busy week ahead.

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