Some intensive Sitges beach therapy


After another night of interrupted sleep, I had a pretty tasty breakfast and headed straight to the beach. Well, not straight. I had about four large cups of coffee to reactivate my brain and packed my bag for the journey home first.

It was disappointingly cloudy this morning. Especially when I spent yesterday’s sunny and hot day indoors working in Barcelona. But we persisted, staying on our loungers and after about na hour, the sun had burnt through the clouds and it was just gorgeous.


I even managed a swim in the sea. On October 1st!! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Yes, it was a bit brisker than when I was last in Sitges, but it was still bearable and very relaxing.

We stayed on the beach until about 3:30pm, so I got a good four hours of beach therapy. At least, that’s what it felt like. Just wearing my swimming shorts (as we weren’t on that beach this time), sand between my toes and sunshine on my skin, all set to a musical backdrop of waves crashing on the shore. I felt every ounce of tension evaporate from my body.


These photos don’t do it justice. Probably because when the sun made an appearance I was too busy lying sprawled like a seal, trying to absorb as much sunshine and warmth as possible. Taking sunny pictures wasn’t one of my priorities.

I’m not typically a beach holiday kind of person. I don’t like days in a row spent doing nothing but lying by the sea. But a few hours every so often is just perfect.

It’s a shame that by the time I’m in Spain for business again, it will be November and I doubt it’ll be nice enough to get onto the beach like this. That was probably my last beach visit and my last sea swim for 2016.

I’m just glad it was so lovely. Definitely a day to remember.

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