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Sleepless in Sitges…


I’m back in Barcelona for business today, but spent yesterday afternoon and evening in Sitges, just a little down the coast. What started with a lovely walk by the seafront, followed by some delicious tapas at L’Avinyet, ended with me kept awake half the night due to noisy neighbours in the hotel.

It was one thing after another, including some idiot who had managed to lock himself out on his own balcony, as well as other guests arriving back to the rooms (loudly) at 1am, 2am and 3am. I’ve not stayed at this hotel and don’t think I’ll be back. While the staff are friendly and it has some nice facilities, the walls seem to be paper-thin and it’s just too noisy to get any sleep.

And I like my sleep…

My alarm this morning went off at 6am, but to be honest. I’d been awake since 5:30am. Which, in UK body clock time, was really 4:30am. Ugh. No opportunity to grab a coffee before I got the train from Sitges to Barcelona Sants, so I made sure I swung by the Starbucks closest to my client’s offices before coming in. Cue one very large Americano – the first of many today, I fear.

(I didn’t even care that the Starbucks barista called me ‘Richie’… )

There’s a reason they use sleep deprivation as torture… Still, I get to spend today with some really amazing people, before heading back down to Sitges for another evening. And hopefully, some more sleep…

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