Memories of Japan: Dotonbori, Osaka

We last visited Osaka in the Autumn of 2014 and one of my standout memories of the trip is the nightlife around Dotonbori. This compact neighbourhood is just buzzing and characterised by its brightly lit and fairly eccentric restaurant frontages. Many indicate was the restaurant is famous for, but some are harder to decipher if you’re not local!

Many of them move, albeit slowly, and some even make noises. Walking down the street is an assault on the senses when you add in the aroma of food coming at your from all directions. It’s a little overpowering at first, but we soon got used to it.

We spent time there in the evenings, after long days exploring the city and its region, so we possibly didn’t take advantage of all it had to offer. If memory serves, we had a few early nights while there. Especially after my afternoon at SpaWorld, where I was soaked and boiled into a state of pure relaxation. Onsen heaven.

But it left me in a state of consciousness that wasn’t great for wandering brightly lit and busy streets. It was all I could do to stay awake and pop conveyor-belt sushi in my mouth.

I’d definitely go back to Osaka some day, even though it’s not on the agenda for our next trip to Japan in October. There are too many other places to see! I’ll just have to get my fix for neon and nightlife while we’re in Tokyo.

10 comments on “Memories of Japan: Dotonbori, Osaka

  1. The nightlife looks great out there 🙂 I hope to go to Japan one day.


    • It’s *amazing*, but tiring. So much to see and experience when you’re a visitor there. I recommend Japan to everyone who has an open mind and doesn’t want to be ‘spoon-fed’.

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  2. Great post! Can I put some of this information on my blog giving you the credit for it?


    • Hey there – sure, as long as you link back to the original blog post and don’t claim the content as your own. I’ve had a few examples of that recently 😦


      • Alright! Thank you! It’s done, if you want to see the post and check if it’s okay, come to my blog 😁


      • I checked out the post and you’ve basically copied and pasted several paragraphs of my writing without any of your own commentary. That’s not really how you credit someone else. I suggest you do some research and see how other blogs do this before taking anyone else’s content and adding it to your own blog.


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