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More business travel: A tale of two hotel rooms


I’ve spent the last few days in Jersey – a mixture of business and pleasure and have had a whale of a time. I’m awaiting my flight back to Gatwick, where I’ll hop on a flight to Dublin for work. And another hotel room…

The thing about traveling for business is that you’re frequently at the mercy of hotel staff (among other things) when it comes to getting a nice room. I’ve recently been on something of a roll when it comes to hotels and flights and have enjoyed quite a few free upgrades. I don’t think I’ve done anything at check-in to warrant this, but I’m also not looking this gift horse in the mouth. All upgrades welcome, all the time!

No matter what you might read online, I don’t think there’s a sure-fire way of getting an upgrade. When checking-in, I adopt the rule of “Don’t be a dick” and always try to smile and be as pleasant as possible. They’re doing their job, I’m doing mine. Maybe this helps, maybe it doesn’t. But regardless, I’d rather not remain in the staff member’s memory as the low point of their working day.

This week was no exception. I – somehow, no idea why – got a room upgrade to a suite here in Jersey. A spacious living area and a separate sleeping area with a gorgeous big bed. And boy, was it comfortable.

I enjoyed Friday night sprawled on that massive couch, eating room service and watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But it all seemed a bit wasted on me – it would have been nice to share the space with someone else.

This was quite a contrast with the room I had at Gatwick on Thursday night. I stayed at the Yotel again, and got one of their bigger rooms. But, as you can see from the photos below, “bigger” is a very relative and subjective term. It was more than enough for me – I got there late in the evening and just needed somewhere to sleep until 5:30am to catch my flight to Jersey.

As you’ll notice from the above, just a pane of glass separates the “bathroom” from the bed, so while you could fit two people in that bed, they’d need to be very, very comfortable with getting that intimate and familiar. But it’s the perfect solution for getting very early morning flights from Gatwick, seeing as the train service is like something from the dark ages. I’m a big fan of the Yotel business model and I think they’re the ideal solution for airport sleepovers.

I slept really well and managed to get myself up at 4:45am, wash and get dressed, all without the aid of caffeine. A miracle! That said, I hoovered up a couple of large mugs of the stuff once I got through security and into the BA lounge.

Here in Jersey, there was in-room coffee with real milk – none of that UHT muck – and a shower I could have thrown a party in. The water pressure took a few layers of skin off too! And seeing as my morning ritual is not unlike raising the dead, caffeine and power-shower were both very welcome.

I’ll be staying in a rather nice hotel when I get to Ireland, but as I won’t get there until 11pm tonight and will be leaving at 1pm tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll get to see a lot of it. Plus, there’s the work. Obviously.

I’m just looking forward to getting back into my own bed. It’s not a 5* hotel bed, but it’s mine and it’s the most comfortable one in the world.

5 comments on “More business travel: A tale of two hotel rooms

  1. I love hotels, but I don’t like travelling for work. It feels too lonely, even when you travel with colleagues. Fortunately my job is very much fixed in one location so I hardly travel for work.
    Personal travel is quite a different matter! 6 European trips so far this year and still one more in the pipeline.
    We tend to keep to tourist-class hotels when we travel, except for resort holidays; you definitely want your creature comforts then.

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    • That’s some list of trips!! I love travel full stop, though it doesn’t always feel like it when I’m stuck in an airport. It makes for a diverse working experience. But after a while – like this week – it’s nice to be at home 😀 Where’s your next trip?


      • Vienna in November. We weren’t really planning anything more for 2016 (as there’s already a booking for 2017!) but then a very good offer for 3 nights in Vienna popped up and it was too good to pass up. I’ve never been and Pete (hubby) hasn’t been there in over 20 years, so we’re both really looking forward to it!


      • Fab! Only been once, on an overnight work trip. Seems like a lovely place.


  2. yotel and bloc are miniature rooms


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