Prepping for Japan, 2016 edition


We’re once again making our ‘annual pilgrimage’ to Japan later this year. It was inevitable, given how much we’ve enjoyed our previous visits. Japan has quickly become our shared favourite travel destination, for so many reasons.

With a country as diverse and spread out as Japan, it can be tough to decide where you’ll visit and what you’ll do. But this year (expecting that we’ll return again in the future), we’re going to visit Nagano and Kanazawa, finishing up in Tokyo again. This will include visits to onsens, going to see some ‘snow monkeys’ and a considerable amount of eating, drinking, walking and laughing.

And probably some more eating. Excellent food is both inevitable and avoidable in Japan. Thankfully.

This weekend, we’re getting into the mood with a trip to ‘Hyper Japan‘ this evening. I can’t wait to get my hands on some Japanese ‘street food’ and to watch the cosplay. To basically soak up some Japanese culture and pretend, for a couple of hours, that we’re wandering through a Japanese neighbourhood.

And while I definitely don’t want to wish the year away, I’m really looking forward to October, when we fly to Tokyo and start our visit.

5 comments on “Prepping for Japan, 2016 edition

  1. I’m also off to Hyper Japan! I love that expo : ) Hope you have a great time!

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