My battered Midori Traveller’s Notebook

My lovely black Midori Traveler’s Notebook, part of the massive haul of stationery I picked up on our last trip to Japan, has been in the wars. After a few months of daily use (and I mean daily) it was carelessly thrown into a bag alongside an iPad charger and came off second-best against the plug’s metal prongs.

It’s no longer flawless, but instead looks like it’s had some bargain basement cosmetic surgery, performed by a surgeon after a heavy night’s drinking and general carousing. But you know what? I like it even more now that it’s not perfect. I was treating it with kid gloves when I should have used it as an object from day one. I think the scratches and general wear and tear make it look real and not something sitting in the shop window.

Since getting it, it’s hardly left my hand, serving as an outboard wallet, travel document holder, frequent flyer card repository, foreign currency pocket and notebook (of course!). It’s what I have in my hand when I make phone calls, when I walk through an airport or when I’m sitting on a train and I’m not looking into an iScreen. It’s so much lighter and more portable than any Filofax I’ve owned and a lot more flexible than any Moleskine notebook.

I only have single Filofax remaining – the gorgeous racing green A5 original. Am I’m holding on to that as a desk-bound notebook until I’ve used up the mountain of A5 inserts I’ve accumulated over the past few years. Then I think it’ll join all the others on eBay.

Don’t hate me, Filofax-lovers.

But I think I’ve moved on.

11 comments on “My battered Midori Traveller’s Notebook

  1. Like when a new car gets its first ‘tag’ (scratch, ding), it’s anger, sadness and then a kind of relieved acceptance that it’s now ‘broken in’ and really a part of you.


  2. I think I’ve converted too! No more rings for me!


    • MacPsych

      Really? Were you a long-time ring-bound planner person? A Filofax enthusiast by any chance? 😉


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