“Blues Brothers” at Universal Studios

As I said previously, we spend a day at Universal Studios Orlando during this month’s holiday. It was a fun, hot and expensive day. Universal sure know how you extract maximum expenditure from their visitors!

Anyway, aside from the various rides and exhibits, there were some live shows. I took some video of the frankly disturbing “SpongeBob SquarePants” review before quickly moving on. I don’t know how it doesn’t give kids nightmares. But I also stumbled across Universal’s own ‘Blues Brothers’ tribute act.

To be fair to them, the crowd wasn’t exactly enthusiastic – most people seemed to be obsessed with getting their hands on some green beer, this being St. Patrick’s day. I’ll moan about that another day…

And it was over 28C and sunny, so I can only imagine how hot they were jumping around in those suits. So it’s A for effort, if not for musical accuracy. Good fun, though. And Universal didn’t try to charge us even more to see them!

(Sorry for the shaky camera work – this was recorded on my iPhone 6s Plus and I was busy trying to avoid toddlers and slightly drunk parents, as well as various pensioners whizzing around in those electric scooters…)

3 comments on ““Blues Brothers” at Universal Studios

  1. Maybe it’s my phone but I see no video…

    As a reminder, too, you were there in pre-spring/ late winter. Guess how hot and muggy it’ll be in 3 months!

    I imagine Universal (could be OH so wrong) hires kids who are in musical theatre training — NOT like Six Flags (locally) who hired kids who were in Drama Club In high school…really. That may also put it in perspective.

    I saw a floor show on a ferry one time heading to Portsmouth that was very reminiscent of a Six Flags show (not that I’ve attended one since the late 80s).

    At some point, laughing at them seems too cruel and I feel embarrassed for them. ::sigh::

    Ya know, like you do me! πŸ™‚


    • MacPsych

      Seems video only shows if you select ‘Show full version’ of the website, rather than the simplified one. WordPress seems to strip it out otherwise.

      You didn’t miss much πŸ˜‰


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