I’ve seen it all now…

The guy ahead of me here in the AMEX Centurion lounge at Miami Airport was trying to get in with a platinum card that had expired in 1997. 

A for effort!

He was just incredulous that it didn’t still get him in and obviously wouldn’t pay the $50 per person that his newer, non-platinum card required. 

His wife was even less impressed. Brass necks on the pair of them. 

Meanwhile, here in the lounge, the backlog of delayed flights means it’s more like a crèche than a quiet business lounge. The sound from some of these moaning kids has necessitated use of my new in-ear earphones. Not quite noise-cancelling, but helping to block out some of the “But mom!” whining around me. 

1 comment on “I’ve seen it all now…

  1. Speaking of BS complaints, I found a podcastforDOC and they have a site with HILARIOUS memes that I’m afraid only those working daily in a gulag could appreciate but since I do? Best. Ever.

    I mean, surely there are innocent men in prison but let me assure you, even the guilty axe mirderers are the whiniest babies over some stupid shite.

    I’m not cutting real complaints. There are some things that my liberal self will continue to strive for in human rights. I’m talking about I sit there wondering if their mum (who calls ME) had been 1/100 the woman my mammy was? They wouldn’t be in there. Crazy shit.

    That makes for hilarity.


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