A fabulous week in South Beach

Well, a little under a week. We drove down to Orlando on Sunday morning and right now, we’re waiting on our flight to Atlanta – where we’ll catch our flight back to London.

What a fantastic week! Amazing food, time on pristine beaches, walks by the sea, runs by the sea. The week flew by and I’m more than a little sad to be heading home.

Our routine, was quite… Well, routine! Breakfast in the hotel, a wander through town and by the sea, some time on the beach, a late lunch and suddenly (really) it was happy hour in the hotel bar. This was our cue for some drinks, followed by another leisurely stroll out for dinner.

I’ll admit we didn’t go to all of the places on our list, as we kept ending up at the fabulous “Palace” bar. Aside from great cocktails and music, they have a superb drag show nightly. It’s quite interactive, so you have to have a thick skin. But it’s always hilarious and so, for this week, we became drag devotees.

South Beach was such a change from Orlando – somewhere I’m not planning on going back to any time soon. We had a fun day out in Universal Studios, but aside from that, it’s just a pile of theme parks and ‘all you can eat’ restaurants.

It wasn’t a disaster, it just wasn’t what we wanted from a holiday. The highlight was a day out to the Kennedy Space Centre, where my space geek roamed free.

It’s strange – we’ve packed in so much and yet it feels like we’ve been here just a weekend. A good sign, I think. I’m already checking dates for a return visit to South Beach later this year.

5 comments on “A fabulous week in South Beach

  1. Looks like a wonderful vacation. We are just beginning to explore Florida; I have always had this terrible impression of endless strip malls filled with Applebees and Chili’s and other horrid American chain crap and golf courses. But that is only part of it. We had a wonderful week on the beach on the Gulf coast a week ago, and loved it. Lots of our gay friends have been relocating to the Fort Lauderdale area and we might look into checking that out next. Miami would be next on the list. But our next planned trip is to Buenos Aires, which I am looking forward to.


    • MacPsych

      Wow – I’ve always wanted to visit Buenos Aires. South Beach was definitely superior to Orlando. Beautiful art deco architecture, great nightlife and a sense of history. Orlando looks like it was thrown up last weekend.


  2. While I love reading and perusing your pics of FL, I’ve never had an interest. I don’t fare well in sun and heat (only human to nearly die in Hawaii from just BEING THERE) with lupus and we have a Six Flags approximately 3 miles from where I work. A town that ‘is’ Six Glags never sounded like a good way to spend my shekels! I’m sure the beach anywhere is fab and my understanding is big city FL is truly a culture its own.


    • MacPsych

      Yep. I won’t be rushing back to Orlando! But South Beach has so much more to offer and the weather is a lot more bearable due to ocean breeze. Then again, I do like it hot!

      That said, I *was* on holiday and not trying to work there. Not sure I could manage that! I’ll definitely return to South Beach, but not sure how much the rest of Florida has to offer us. (Sorry Florida!)

      Next on the holiday plan is a weekend in Sitges near Barcelona – I’m working there for a couple of days in April and turning it into a mini-holiday. Never been to Sitges, despite working in Barcelona every month for the last year, so really looking forward to it.


      • It’s grand that you can see a place and possibly scope out areas when you’re on a business trip. Sis does that here. Huge difference to perusing brochures (in the day) or websites.

        At the gulag, there’s a MASS of people who go (always and only) to the ‘Gulf Shore.’ That could be any of the states that have a strand with G of Mexico…

        These are not people you’d probably find…a reliable source for our version of hols. As one says: just saying.

        That also puts me off–course same thing with Vegas. The people who regularly go there are NOT doing anything I’d want to spend money going to a desert (again, heat) to do.

        That said, Hawaii WAS beautiful and the people were lovely — not so much throngs of tourists but I make it a point to hang out where ‘those people’ don’t go.

        Fairly safe as you throw off the [even dangerous] locals:)


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