Memories of Japan: Shibuya Crossing

I’m a total YouTube noob, but here’s a quick video I took (then edited) of me walking through Shibuya Crossing when in Tokyo last October. I have much to learn in the world of YouTube, but still it’s nice to see this video on a big screen and not limited to my iPhone. I stumbled across it this morning when looking for something completely different and managed to do this all via my iPhone.

I’d also taken one at night, but actually you couldn’t make anything out due to the glare of lights. So I repeated it in daylight (early evening) and took the video in ‘slo-mo’ mode. This was on our way to grab (yet another) Matcha Green Tea Frappucino at Starbucks, before filling several shopping bags with stationery at the nearby Loft store.

And if memory serves, this was just before an epic meal of conveyor-belt sushi. We’ll visit new places and have great new experiences while in Japan later in 2016, but I can guarantee we’ll spend a least a few days in Tokyo enjoying its unique atmosphere.

Meanwhile, I’ll practice my video-taking and YouTube skills!

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