Just a hint of Tokyo at home

Last weekend, we spotted an amazing print for sale in Spitalfields Market. The very talented Gerry Buxton was selling some of his incredible pieces and we both stopped in our tracks when we saw it. After the briefest of chats with Gerry about its dimensions and swapping tales of Tokyo, we headed home to measure wall space.

The very next day, Gerry kindly delivered it to our home and it’s now taking pride of place in our living room – basically the first thing you see when you walk in.  You can see a closer view of this print on Gerry’s website here, alongside some of his other beautiful work. (That’s a print in A2 paper size – ours is A0, which is about 33 x 47 inches).


The print shows a car speeding past the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Shimbashi, Tokyo. Aside from looking superb on the wall, it brings back great memories of our visits to Japan. It also featured in ‘The Wolverine‘, when Logan and Mariko are on the run, so it gets extra geek points!

Combined with the prints of the Great Wave and ‘Red Fuji‘ in our bedroom, the level of Japonisme in this apartment is rising to pleasing levels.

Less than a year to the next visit!

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