Japan: the return

So. After this year’s trip to Japan was only slightly ruined by my chicken pox, I’m feeling a lot better now that a return visit has been booked. Yes.

Flights to and from Tokyo have been booked for next October and I am going to do everything in my power to remain healthy and avoid picking up any other random (supposedly) minor childhood illnesses.

No idea on a plan just yet, aside from enjoying the hell out of Tokyo through the medium of food. And exploring other parts of the country on the magnificent shinkansen trains.

And a definite onsen visit or two, seeing as this year my ‘pox’ prevented me from bathing with others. One look at my naked form would’ve sent even the hardiest onsen users running. I don’t have any photos (obviously), but imagine a medieval plague victim staring forlornly into an iPad screen.

Anyway, enough about my blisters. They’re long gone, thankfully.

Let the planning for “Japan 2016” begin!

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