Japan: not how I thought it would pan out…

So. Guess who woke up with chickenpox this morning?

Yep. And so far away from home. And with a flight back to London on Wednesday morning. And a ton of work responsibilities waiting for me when I get there.

I’m so frustrated I could scream. I thought I’d picked up the flu or just a nasty head-cold. I had a couple of days of sniffles, aches and night-sweats. Took some over the counter meds and was fine by last night. Really enjoying myself again, if a little tired.

But then I woke up this morning covered in vile blisters from the top of my head to my ankles, looking like a plague victim from the middle ages. I don’t feel particularly ill, apart from the itchiness and tiredness, but I know I could spread this like Typhoid Mary if I’m not careful.

So, we arranged for a doctor to come to our hotel and he confirmed it (as if we needed it confirming): I have chickenpox and am now on anti-viral medication for the next week. ARGH! This is the holiday I’ve been looking forward to all year and now it’s in a shambles.
No trip to the onsen now (they’d never let me in!) and no shopping for toys for my nephews and nieces. I don’t want to be responsible for spreading this all over the place. It’s basically going to be bed-rest and staying away from other people until I fly home.

Sigh. One thing at a time.

I have a letter from the doctor stating that I’m okay to fly as long as a) I’m not running a temperature (which I’m not, anymore) and b) my blisters have cleared up. I’m hoping I’ll feel a lot better by Wednesday, otherwise no flight and a few extra emergency days in Tokyo. Which is not at all as fun as it sounds.

I’m trying hard to focus on the bright side of all of this. On the upside: this holiday has been a delight up until now. Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokyo have been fun and relaxing in equal measure – despite all of the epic long walks and train journeys.

On the downside: fuck you chickenpox.

I never thought I’d be so eager to get on a flight away from Japan. But this is an illness where you just want to be in your own bed, however nice your hotel is. I’m now achey, annoyingly itchy and thoroughly pissed off. Of all the lousy times to get ill with something this incapacitating and contagious…

So. How’s your Sunday been?

13 comments on “Japan: not how I thought it would pan out…

  1. That’s dreadful! Poor you! As you know, you must make sure to keep from spreading it – especially to other adults. Just concentrate on getting well. You can always come back to Japan to finish your trip, when you’re feeling better.


    • Thanks. Speaking to the doctor here, he tells me that Ireland and the U.K. are in a minority where chickenpox vaccination is concerned. Everyone here in Japan is immunised as a child. But still, don’t want to unintentionally pass this on to someone pregnant or immunosuppressed.

      Am staying in my hotel room, in bed. Frankly, don’t feel like doing anything else. Always assumed chickenpox was annoying, but didn’t realise I’d feel this rough.

      And yes, it’s all just a great excuse to come back here again next year!


  2. That hex wasn’t supposed to kick in til you were in flight to optimise the spread.

    That’s what I get for stirring spells whilst drinking. Damn!

    When I had chicken pox, there were no anti-virals. I still have scars and was very careful to not scratch (sometimes to knock off scabs in sleep or by brushing up against something. I remember that I pretty much stayed naked for about a week after figuring out the movement of clothes caused a lot of that. Sounds decadent; as you well know, it was not.

    I’m happy that you got a dr to come by and I’m sorry your evil plans were ruined. What BS. Feel better, lapin.


  3. Bob Yeadon

    What bad luck hopefully you will make a speedy recovery and have a safe journey home , greta blog thank you for sharing .


  4. Sorry to hear you have the lurg, and I hope it clears up soon and without complication. Having had Chicken Pox in adulthood myself, I definitely sympathise – it’s not a nice germ at all, and knocks adults completely sideways more often than not. Relax and let your system deal with it – if you try to push your luck, you’ll probably only succeed in getting it to take longer to go away! And… thinking about it… while you’re laid up in a hotel bed, you have plenty of time to start planning the return trip! šŸ™‚


  5. ethnicolor

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that – oh well… 2016 is coming!


    • Thanks! And yes, 2016 is well on its way. We’ll definitely be heading back to Japan – we miss it already!


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